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: The cards have a specific amount of money on them. Call the 800 number on the back.Follow the prompts & it will tell you how much is on the card.
If at a store just use it as a credit card, meaning just hand it to the cashier.
Online select the card (Master or American express) then fill in the numbers on the front of the card. You will be asked for the 3 digit code. You will find that on the back where you sign the card.

It's also your responsibility to know how much the card is worth. If you buy something for $100 dollars you must tell the cashier this card has $25- on it. You can use the second card if needed saying this card has $50 on it. You will now have to pay cash for the renaming $25- or another card.
Same scenario, you have a $25 card & buy something for $20. The next time you need to inform the cashier this card has $5 left on it. Again you can keep track of this by calling the 800 # on the back of the card.

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