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: I did a credit check with annual credit report. Omg help. I knew it was bad but...
I have 6 different civil claim judgments from my county. What does that mean? What happens after the dates they are scheduled to continue to?

I have chase that was purchased by another lender. Does that mean I owe someone else ,but my slate with them is clean or will chase hold it against me?
Then I have 3 accounts in good standing .2 of them say closed /paid /never late , but one says transferred/closed/never late. But there's a status detail date scheduled to continue on record until a certain date...What does this mean?

Then I have a bunch of inquiries shared with others and some say shared with only you? Is this the credit karma I did today and also I applied for a bunch of credit cards? They are all dated today.

I have under credit items ...not sure if its the company name or they are gonna try garnish wage.. It says asset acceptance. .status past due as of April 2014 and scheduled to continue on record as of2014. No clue what this is?

What do I do? I'm in nj and the statute of limitations is 6 years. The civil judgment have dates filed between 2008 and 2013. Does the statute of limitations go by that or something else? What going on? What's my options? Someone please explain this good to me. I was young and made bug mistake but I'm older and its really stressful. I feel like I'm doomed.

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