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  1. I'm a student looking to get a credit card?
  2. percetages?
  3. How to pay off credit card debt on a tight budget?
  4. Transfer Balance to 0% APR Card?
  5. Does this statement indicate that my credit card is reporting my activities to credit bureau?
  6. Are there mandatory credit card payments?
  7. Balance transfer (credit cards)?
  8. does all this mean they would not pay off the balance of my high rate credit cards, and have me pay 5% ?
  9. Question about credit card APR, and if it can be avoided?
  10. Credit card questions?
  11. How do credit cards work?? 10 points!?
  12. How do credit cards work?
  14. Do you make more than the minimum payment?
  15. Question about consolidated loan?
  16. Credit card for an 18 year old?
  17. Question about opening a credit card?
  18. Can I get an Amazon.com store card as my first credit card?
  19. Why can't i seem to get a credit card other then Capital one?
  20. I m internationl student in australia.?
  21. Is this a scam? If so why?
  22. credit card question?
  23. Which student credit card would you recommend?
  24. Help with vanquis bank credit card?
  25. Can I used my Macy's card at a ATM?
  26. New credit and need help?
  27. how do credit cards work? im thinking of getting one!?
  28. Can I get a $100 loan?
  29. I need some help about credit card?
  30. I have a question about credit cards and predetermined due dates.?
  31. What would happen if I defaulted on my credit cards?
  32. What is credit and what is debit?
  33. im going to get a credit card?
  34. Should we get a credit card?
  35. What is the down payment for a cruise that costs $1.5 million?
  36. minimum spend on argos card?
  37. Credit card interest after one month?
  38. I'm a Citibank credit card user and valued client since 1997. how to clear my acct from erroneous charges?
  39. How do Department store Credit Cards affect my credit score differently from a Bank (CC).?
  40. What am i supposed to do when my skylight card goes negative?
  41. Can you pay more than the minimum with Best Buy financing?
  42. Credit Score Avg in America?
  43. if i have an apr at 24.99% what would my bill on average be a month?
  44. i am individual, i bought a car on loan and paid emi, can i claim deduction interest part?
  45. Cleaning up Credit Report?
  46. I am 25 and have $8,000 in credit card debt. Help!?
  47. Which bank should I choose?
  48. I applied for the Victoria secret angel card and got approved for $250. Does this mean I can buy anything?
  49. What does interest/charge (IC) mean on my bank statement?
  50. Do amusement park season pass payments count towards your credit score?
  51. Paying off credit partly or in full: which is better?
  52. How does BillMeLater work?
  53. what is debit,what is credit?
  54. What's a good way to start building credit for a college student?
  55. What is the best way to rebuild credit after chapter 13 bankruptcy has been discharged?
  56. How do i raise my 508 credit score to the 600s?
  57. National Credit adjuster suing me for 1k?
  58. Please point me in the direction of a good 0% credit card or small loan?
  59. Does making a minimum payment reopen your available credit line?
  60. Maximum amount credit cards can charge?
  61. Topshop Store Card won't let me buy online?? HELP?
  62. How does Bill Me Later work?
  63. can you really build credit with a fingerhut account?
  64. care credit? plastic surgery?
  65. The effects on your credit due to partial payment?
  66. How do I build credit when my car payments are not reported to the Credit Bureau?
  67. Which looks better on my credit report - pay off a big balance or partially pay it by the end of the bill?
  68. Does it hurt credit to make payments on a credit card with no interest?
  69. Does this mean I have been accepted for a Vanquis credit card?
  70. do you get interest put on your credit card when you dont pay it off on the due date or ...?
  71. Should i get a credit card?? but might go in dept?
  72. how does a credit card affect your credit score?
  73. Credit card interest free period (HSBC)?
  74. Paying off a credit card?
  75. Credit Card | Refund due after statement payment date | What should I pay?!?
  76. how much money would you have to spend to get good credit?
  77. I just got a credit card! I have one question?
  78. Santander Cashback Credit Card?
  79. i got charged interests on my credit card when i havent bought anything?
  80. First credit card...ok to pay off right away each month, will that still build my credit?
  81. Question regarding debt and debt due dates?
  82. Becca opens a credit card with an APR of 22.99%. How much is charged in interest this month if her balance is?
  83. How can I figure out YTD interest on my credit card?
  84. True or False? payday and car loans typically charge lower interest than credit cards?
  85. Is this the wrong way to use credit cards?
  86. Question about judgment with Capital One.?
  87. what would happen if you stopped paying a specialty high interest credit card?
  88. How much is 21% APR on a credit card?
  89. Should i get an american eagle credit card?
  90. Credit Card debt reporting?
  91. My Grandmother was a victim of credit card fraud...?
  92. What is a good credit card?
  93. What is the VIP Angel Card Credit Limit?
  94. Charging some one credit card manually?
  95. credit cards for college students?
  96. Recently out-of-the-blue I received a letter from a collection agency asking for payment on an credit card?
  97. Credit card company 'lost' a payment?
  98. Minimum payments and maxed out credit card.. please help!!?
  99. How much interest are they charging me for my credit card?
  100. If I paid off an a credit card in 2010, can GECC sell this account to a collection agency in 2012 as unpaid?
  101. I dont understand credit cards. If i was to get a 0% interest for 16months on purchases credit card.?
  102. how to pay a credit card bill ?
  103. Credit Cards to build credit. Which is the best?
  104. Military star card or credit card interest?
  105. Are there any credit cards where I can pay a deposit and get ?
  106. I have no credit history. How long will it take me to build a decent credit score?
  107. Why do you need a credit card?
  108. Can i still spend if my credit car payment is due today?
  109. Good first time credit card?
  110. Will I still be charged interest if I pay off my credit card balance in full?
  111. Overdraft fees highway robbery?
  112. Is it good to use a credit card?
  113. Credit card bill, what to do?
  114. What are some good Credit Cards to get Credit Score started with?
  115. I need help on how to get rid of my debt?
  116. When do you get a credit card statement?
  117. 29.99% interest on Credit Card.?
  118. Faith opens a credit card with an APR of 16.50% compounded monthly. How much is charged in interest this...?
  119. i stole from my aunts credit card?
  120. Does it make sense to use my fiancee's home equity to payoff my credit card debt?
  121. Credit card judgments in Texas with LVNV and Capital One?
  122. Is credit card interest charged ONLY on unpaid balances or on whatever you borrow?
  123. Interest Charge: Purchases? ?
  124. How much interest would i have got since 2010 to 2012?
  125. America should vote to only have 6% or lower interest on credit cards or loans come on lets pass a bill !?
  126. Credit card reccomendations please?
  127. Why don't you get the banks and credit card companies to lower the interest rate on credit card interest?
  128. How do I go about going bankrupt in the UK whilst living in Mexico?
  129. Does your credit card balance include interest charges?
  130. Do you know anything about credit cards or loans?
  131. How do credit card payments work?
  132. How to get a loan with decent credit?
  133. Question about making a credit card purchase on the bills due date?
  134. Statement balance and current balance on credit card?
  135. Why is the interest of my closed credit card account increasing with every more than "minimum" payments?
  136. Credit card questions...?
  137. Do I need to have a balance on my billing statements to build credit?
  138. Would my husband and I qualify for a FHA loan?
  139. is it a good credit card or not?
  140. Credit Card Interest question.?
  141. How to quickly increase credit limit with Wells Fargo?
  142. which credit card(s) to pay off first?
  143. Minimum payment on credit card - does this stop the interest?
  144. I just got approved for a credit card, I'm new to credit. And I have questions?
  145. What helps my credit more when using a credit card?
  146. How to raise my credit card limit?
  147. credit card help?!?.... Please?
  148. what do you know about no interest credit card?
  149. What is the Card interest calculation per month?
  150. If i bought a laptop for 400 on the Santander Zero Credit card at 18.9% APR how much would it cost?
  151. Help on credit card that was settled in court but has now collected alot of interest?
  152. Secured Credit Cards Monthly bills?
  153. Do I still have to pay interest (credit card usage)?
  154. i am sitll being charged interest on my credit card even though i dont owe anything on it?
  155. Does 0% APR mean no interest ?
  156. what credit card would you suggest i get?
  157. also, what is the total amount patty will end up paying for the cash advance?
  158. Kholes Credit Card Question?
  159. Also, what is the total amount patty will end up paying for the cash advance?
  160. Is credit card limit a bank or government decision?
  161. I missed my credit card payment due date by one day what will happen?
  162. How do credit cards work?
  163. being harrased by debt collector?
  164. Credit Card Question Real Confused : ) l0 pts?
  165. Is there any way to get no interest credit card?
  166. If you don't make a full payment on your credit card balance, will interest immediately be added?
  167. What hurts one's credit score?
  168. APR on a credit card?
  169. I have a question about my credit card, any help?
  170. Balance transfer in this context?
  171. Question about interest with credit cards?
  172. Don't student loans end up costing more?
  173. Question about Credit Card, interests, and credit limit...?
  174. I think there is a large percentage of the population that thinks you have to pay interest on credit cards?
  175. When do I get charged interest on a credit card?
  176. What Affects Credit Scoring?
  177. How much are the monthly payments for credit card?
  178. Is anyone still paying off their credit cards from last Christmas? And if so?
  179. Just wondering if the credit union can do this?
  180. If I have a credit card but don't use it, do I still have to pay fees (interest, APR, etcetera)?
  181. Hypothetical credit card question?
  182. Gasoline station holds on debit cards? How do they work?
  183. Can a credit card company sue a person after 10 years?
  184. Do I pay credit card interest even if I pay the balance off?
  185. If you do the easy pay at QVC, are you carrying balances on your credit card?
  186. Is there any 0% Interest Credit Cards?
  187. QVC Easy Pay must be paid each 30 days?
  188. Am I getting unwanted calls because of my high credit card balance?
  189. Paying off full credit card?
  190. A few questions about credit ratings?
  191. What is the most efficient way to pay off my credit balance?
  192. how do credit card transfers work?
  193. Anybody have itunes credit they want to exchange?
  194. Do I pay the statement or account balance on my credit card to avoid late fees?
  195. Are C.O.D.'s still used?
  196. what happens if you put your credit card in the black (in credit) does it pay you interest?
  197. Credit card interest?
  198. Am I likely to be refused a credit card because I have just changed address?
  199. Do you need a credit card to buy a laptop using a payment plan?
  200. Court on Wednesday but the credit card companies lawyers just called me?
  201. Is there a monthly debt owed to 0% APR credit cards?
  202. Before the Reagan administration, people were able to claim interest on credit cards and car loans. Why can't?
  203. Would you consider bringing back the tax deduction to claim interest on all debt, e.g credit card, auto, etc.?
  204. Macy's Credit Card Payment?
  205. Exactly how does credit card interest work?
  206. If you dont sign a credit card and a retailer accepts it mare u liable to pay?
  207. how do i fix my credit?
  208. Can my credit card company charge me for going over my limit, when their interest took me over my limit?
  209. Does credit card charge interest on your entire balance or single purchase?
  210. Did you know that BELL CANADA charges a 42% yearly late payment fee?
  211. how many credit cards should i have?
  212. Care credit, credit card? HELP!!?
  213. should I close the credit cards balance or play shares?
  214. I got a new credit card. Have a question.?
  215. Wellsfargo Credit Card?
  216. How does credit card interest work?
  217. i recently completed bankruptcy and want to start rebuilding my credit. im interested in obtaining a credit?
  218. With credit cards is there a certain amount on a credit card that you can't spend more than?
  219. should i use my credit card for every purchase then pay off with my debit card?
  220. Will I be charged for anything if I open an Amazon credit card and not use it?
  221. What would make you not open a credit card statement after you pay the bill in full?
  222. How long would I have to pay off a flight on a credit card?
  223. Can I use credit card to pay monthly loan?
  224. Does it hurt your credit if you have a payment plan for a store credit card?
  225. What credit card to get?
  226. sara used her credit card for a cash advance of $400 at the time her balance was $732.60 assuming no interest?
  227. how much do you get when you sue your credit card comapny?
  228. I need to know about kays jewelry payment plans?
  229. I am thinking to cancel my first credit card? Is it a good decision to cancel first credit card?
  230. Can someone explain the fees of a credit card?
  231. What is a good credit card to get?
  232. I just got a mastercard today?
  233. If I make a purchase with a credit card--?
  234. will buying new high end electronics improve my credit?
  235. union workers credit servics platinum card?
  236. If a credit card company is violating the card act, how do you report them?
  237. If I don't pay my credit card balance in one period does it affect negatively on my credit history ?
  238. Credit card Interest charges?
  239. Bills you can't pay with credit card?
  240. Are you embarrassed to use your credit card?
  241. About monthly periodic interest?
  242. Checking account at wells fargo to obtain a credit card?
  243. Buying items on credit?
  244. What should I do? Good plan?
  245. what happens if someone lies about being a student in order to get a credit card?
  246. How much am I going to pay?
  247. How do you switch your credit card from an existing card to a 0% interest card?
  248. does 0% on balance transfers mean 0% interest?
  249. Confused about my Care Credit Card...?
  250. Formula for total interest paid to credit card company?