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  1. Why does Transunion have a different amount due then Equifax for the same account?
  2. credit card being charged?
  3. I'm only 18 how is my credit score low already? Confused?
  4. Is it true that credit union charge for a statement?
  5. Credit Scores - Pay Off Credit Cards?
  6. i thought i had no credit but my phone company says i do?
  7. is it better to pay now OR when billed, to increase credit?
  8. How would my credit score be affected if a company closes my account from inactivity?
  9. how can i get a refund on a purchase that I made on a credit card and didnt receive the product?
  10. When do credit card companies report to the credit bureaus?
  11. Can my boss charge me for a lost credit card receipt even though I never took the order or credit card details?
  12. Credit card approved, but not showing up on credit report?
  13. credit card dispute?
  14. Does my credit card company have access to my W2 and 1040?
  15. credit card dispute?
  16. To pay or not to pay?
  17. How to rebuild my credit?
  18. Looking for a Credit Card or soltuion to get $1,800 fairly quickly?
  19. Credit cards for bad credit?
  20. What to do about a collection reporting a very old debt?
  21. How far back in my credit history will loaners look for a new home?
  22. Credit card issues. Purchases I haven't done on my card. What should I do?
  23. Making a purchase over my credit limit with Discover with fees?
  24. Is it a good idea or bad idea to have a Capital One credit card?
  25. Company to give me loan to pay off credit card debt?
  26. Credit Consumer Act Section 75?
  27. What is the daily spending limit for a Capital One credit card?
  28. What all is shown on a credit report?
  29. Is a credit score 720 good?
  30. Somebody has bought car insurance with my credit card fraudulently is there any way of finding out who itis?
  31. Debt collection as an Joined or Authorized user!?
  32. Debt Collection Agencys?
  33. Is this a debt collection scam?
  34. returning a laptop back to walmart.?
  35. Looking for someone with law experience. Someone called my credit card company and closed out my card.?
  36. Why was my payment declined?
  37. Payoneer alternatives?
  38. What is a credit hold?
  39. What's a good credit repair company?
  40. Does anybody take discover card?
  41. How much must you spend/buy to increase credit limit?
  42. Will my credit score start to rise?
  43. If credit card was reported stolen. Does the merchant get a chargeback?
  44. Can someone answer with a credit card company?
  45. Apple and Barclays Card?
  46. what is statue of limitations on debt collections in Georgia?
  47. Someone stole my credit card and used it, will my credit score drop?
  48. How do I resolve a chargeback if I payed it off?
  49. Will my credit score go up?
  50. I'm Getting a Credi Card Which Company is the best to go with?
  51. New Replacement Credit Card?
  52. Will putting $5000 on my American Express card, and paying $100 back a month lower or help my credit?
  53. can making on time payments to a car or home ensurance policy improve your credit?
  54. chain of custody credit card debt?
  55. Does the Megabus accept debit card payments?
  56. credit card company sold my paid off account?
  57. If someone isn't working and applies for a credit card, how much money needs to be in their bank account?
  58. What company will give me the highest credit card limit?
  59. Do I need a lawyer for debt collection case?
  60. Signed the back of my debit card in pink?
  61. We couldn't complete your purchase, because the card issuer declined the card?
  62. Best way's for an 18 year with no credit to build credit?
  63. How does this work on your credit report?
  64. 7k in debt and unemployed need help!?
  65. If you use paypal to pay for a dating site will they only be able to take the first payment?
  66. what is the statue of limitations on credit card debt in texas?
  67. How can I solve this Visa Prepaid Card Problem?
  68. Credit Report? Does anyone does what "credit purge" means?
  69. Can checking my credit score damage my credit?
  70. iTunes Credit Question!?
  71. Credit Card Balance? Help!?
  72. Why is ebay telling me my debit card has expired when it hasn't?
  73. If my credit report is zero, will my credit score be the same?
  74. How does building credit work?
  75. How do you build credit?
  76. Does anyone know what a Choice Freedom Platinum card is?
  77. Could someone explain how a 17 year old gains credit?
  78. What should I do with judgement against me from Credit Card Company?
  79. Will cancelling my credit card affect my mortgage application?
  80. Credit Advice to become 1st time Home Owner?
  81. does the statute of limitations on debt in texas include an overdrafted bank account?
  82. How do u add someone to your credit line?
  83. Can an inaccurately reported credit limit on a charged off account be disputed and the item deleted entirely?
  84. Dealer is trying to rip me off?
  85. Can a credit card company garnish your wages when your'e willing to pay something?
  86. Transferred excess amount to credit card?
  87. I have 0% credit and 100% debt, what does this mean?
  88. How long dies it take to establish a credit score?
  89. Why do credit card companies advertise 0 interest if they charge it anyway?
  90. "Inactive" vs. "closed" account?
  91. What happens if you file for Chapter 7 and used credit cards to pay off student loans?
  92. Mom co-signed on credit card- DECLINED?
  93. Does a credit counseling company work with collection agencies?
  94. Is it legal for a credit card company (a Walmart card) to assess a late fee after the account is closed?
  95. Credit Card Harassment?
  96. Sent to collections hurt my credit score?
  97. What happens to credit card debt when you die with no co-signer but you live in a relatives home?
  98. How do I pay for my credit card, if I can't go to the branch?
  99. Blackmailed into signing a credit card purchase?
  100. When a "good" credit card is wrongly declined is it a computer glitch or operator error?
  101. is this even legal for a credit card company to do?
  102. Someone is commiting credit card fraud with my Mom's credit cards and she blamed me?
  103. Credit card fraudulent charge..?
  104. What happens if the billing address doesn't match the card?
  105. Credit card order help?
  106. How can I build up my credit?
  107. Financial Help!? Loans credit homeless?
  108. How do credit card payments work?
  109. My credit card company wont negotiate. even after bankrupcy threat?
  110. No credit, no approval from any credit card companies.?
  111. credit card harassment?
  112. Purchasing a car with a mid 500 credit score and how to improve my credit?
  113. How can I prevent unwanted magazine subscriptions from being charged to my credit card?
  114. Help? My mom got credit card in my name?
  115. Do the middle-men computers between retail sales & credit card companies exist?
  116. buying music gear through a credit card from that company help me build my credit?
  117. Does requesting too many credit increases hurt your credit score?
  118. What should I write to our credit card company to sort things out?
  119. Why do I have different credit scores?
  120. Credit card debt around 7000?
  121. Is it worth me getting a Credit Card?
  122. What are the liabilities (if any) when employees use personal credit cards for corporate purchases?
  123. Can I claim back PPI on a credit card which was settled ?
  124. when is bankruptcy a viable option?
  125. Can I be sued by credit card company?
  126. Can a "law firm" of a collection agency sue me for a different creditor?
  127. Credit card forgivness and taxes?
  128. Where is my debt? Collection agency doesn't appear on my credit report...?
  129. What is a list of all the credit card companies?
  130. Can Truck rental company charge my card wihout my authorization?
  131. Do Credit Card Companies and Collection Agencies Know if you're Judgement Proof?
  132. Credit Card Fraud question?
  133. Are Credit Cards enslaving Mankind?
  134. Is it normal for a credit card company to flag my credit report after i had declared bankruptcy?
  135. Collections on credit report?
  136. how to set up a credit card company?
  137. Cash advances influences debt to credit ratio?
  138. credit card company (capital One) taking me to court?
  139. How long after closing mortgage should I wait to apply for credit cards?
  140. credit report charge offs?
  141. Paying off charged off credit cards?
  142. credit card info, makes me feel uncomfortable?
  143. What would u do,strange credit card fees ,$4,000?
  144. Is changing jobs critical to my credit for getting approved for a home loan?
  145. teenage debit card that doesn't require parents' consent..?
  146. Keeping You're Credit Use Under 30% ?
  147. What credit card can an 18 year old in highschool get?
  148. Paying off outstanding debt?
  149. ? A Credit Card Company Sends Your Bill to a Collections Agency?
  150. One of my delinquent credit card accounts?
  151. Good first credit card?
  152. Will the credit card company can give me information for all my pending transaction if someone use my card?
  153. Can you lower your interest rate on your credit card even if there's an outstanding debt?
  154. how to get a credit card?
  155. Can I avoid interest fees at all?
  156. If I have a discover card, will I only pay APR & interest after purhases? Will I need to pay if I don't use it?
  157. Help! How to get a CHARGEBACK removed on a credit card?
  158. Cana company report to your credit scoreif you used a prepaid card?
  159. Credit Card Companies can't verify address?
  160. Looking for credit report check?
  161. What do you say to a credit card company when you're paying off a debt?
  162. What happens is you use a prepaid debt card that cant be reloaded as credit and go over to get gas? ?
  163. why would your credit score go down just by checking it?
  164. Identity Theft by Now Deceased Father?
  165. Do they really request tapes from the merchant for a fraud dispute?
  166. a credit card company got a court order against my sister and caused her to be $700 overdrawn.?
  167. My credit card statment showed "SPR" charged $78.91. Who is SPR?
  168. Using a credit card to buy something internationally?
  169. Would a credit card company fake fraudulent activity to persuade you to purchase fraud protection?
  170. Why do I keep getting phone calls from Credit Card companies when I don't have a credit Card?
  171. Scammed by a Company, can I block my credit card?
  172. Do credit card companies report to the IRS how much money you spent/paid in a year?
  173. How does Credit Card Protection Refund Chase service work ?? Who is paying $ when fraud happens and Consumer?
  174. How to report name and address of fraudulent credit card charges?
  175. warrant being issued for me for a 1997 credit card debt?
  176. how do credit card companies target new customers?
  177. Credit card fees?? cancel the cards?
  178. What is the statute of limitations for credit cards?
  179. Can a 3rd party debt collector sue someone for owing $12,000 for a credit card debt?
  180. Will getting a catalogue and paying it off in full improve your credit score?
  181. Is it likely that a credit card company will sue someone in court for a $12,000 balance past due account?
  182. my credit is in the 600 reange. is that good?
  183. Should I notify my credit card company about switching credit services?
  184. what legal action can credit card companies take?
  185. disputing a credit card charge ruined my credit score what to do?
  186. Should i be worried about not have an experian score when applying for credit cards?
  187. Question re: Credit Card debt, in Ontario, Canada.?
  188. I have 2 vehicles in my name, can a credit card company take one of them?
  189. Dell financial had sold my debt about a year ago, i am really trying to get my credit back on track; however?
  190. When do credit card companies give you more credit?
  191. Is Capital One a good credit card to start with for someone with zero credit history?
  192. What is the percentage/price associated with credit card companies?
  193. Can I be a business owner with poor credit?
  194. I have a company credit card, if my company goes bust would i be liable to pay the outstanding payments?
  195. Does it help your credit score to use credit cards?
  196. Pending credit on account. How long?
  197. How much do they garnish your wages if you don't pay your credit card bills?
  198. Will credit card companies give you a discount on owed amount if you payoff?
  199. Im disputing a false charge on my credit card..is it going to hurt my credit score?
  200. Can a credit card company pass on my parents debt?
  201. can any credit card company reduce my limit without telling me?
  202. What are some consumer finance companies that will supply college, home mortgage and credit card loans?
  204. If I defaulted on a credit card, will it disappear from my credit report in 7 years?
  205. Will I be hired if I'm a temp and do well, IF I have POOR credit?
  206. Is a credit score Really useful?
  207. Experiences with Capital One credit card?
  208. Slave to the Master Card?
  209. Instead of writing me an expense check, my boss paid my credit card bill. Is this a problem?
  210. Do credit card companies prefer you make min payment?
  211. refund on credit card purchase?
  212. where to get a first credit card?
  213. Who is United Recovery System and why they called me?
  214. Does VISA permit a business credit card to be issued in a business name alone?
  215. How do I get paid off credit accounts to be listed as closed instead of open?
  216. My credit is frozen and I'm not the one who froze it who do I contact about this?
  217. is spending close to my credit card limit hurting my score?
  218. Will my credit card show my age?
  219. Why am I paying an Account Maintenance Fee for a credit card that the company closed over a year ago?
  220. I have just put a cheque in the post to my credit card company, but I forgot to put a stamp on it.?
  221. Advice on paying off credit cards?
  222. What Credit Card company should be your first?
  223. One of my credit card companies is showing my account as a "negative account" on my credit report?
  224. Can a company take a payment off your credit card without your permission?
  225. "ran up their credit cards" what does it mean?
  226. Should the credit card company for my employers corporate account be contacting me?
  227. Question about my credit card limit?
  228. Credit card companies are declining me, But i have a Job?
  229. If your credit card is stolen and used before you know, can the credit card companies force you to pay?
  230. How do you pay a credit card bill?
  231. If I deleted Credit Card Information from a site, does that company still have the credit card info?
  232. I need a good credit card that reports to all 3 credit Bureaus?
  233. Returning money back onto credit card?
  234. How can Paypal over-ride customer's directions to fund from outside credit when Paypal sweeps their cash first?
  235. How to cancel my Target Visa and get a new credit card #?
  236. i need serious advice thanks :) sorry for long intro?
  237. How company gain profit from accepting credit card even they charged ?
  238. Does having multiple types of credit cards (visa, mc, ae, d) help your credit score, I know multiple cards do?
  239. Does moving a judgement into another court restart the statue of limitations?
  240. Why does Experian let others use your credit card without authorization?!!?
  241. i have 3 credit cards, 2 with my given name, and 1 with the name i go by. Will it all be on one credit report?
  242. Do credit card companies charge more interest or extra fees for cash advances?
  243. Can a credit company lower your limit if your credit goes down?
  244. If you have a credit card company that took you to NJ state court to collect your debt.?
  245. Should I contact creditors? Do I have enough time (2 weeks) in 2011?
  246. What do you do if there are purchases you don't recognize on your credit card?
  247. Can credit card companies take your income tax refund(state & city) without notice for unpaid debt?
  248. When you do a credit card balance transfer ?
  249. Why is American Express the only credit card company that doesn't allow Balance Transfers?
  250. Question about wage garnishment after going to court and agreeing on a payment plan?