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  1. Does anyone know if the premier gold card 2x points applies to Meijer Supermarkets?
  2. I got a letter about this credit card..?
  3. I want to give my friend a gift card, but i need help?
  4. should i get a line of credit through a bank or a sears credit card?
  5. Has anyone had American Express request their bank statements?
  6. Can anyone truly and undeniably recommend the Amex Platinum card?
  7. when do your money go on your card for sears employees?
  8. Can I use PayPal to buy on amazon?
  9. Im trying to build my credit with low monthly payments how can I build it simply way i was gone try fingerhut?
  10. Any LEGIT companies for personal loans or credit cards, for people with bad credit?
  11. first premier bank credit card?
  12. how can i get a credit card?
  13. Are there any unsecured credit cards for rebuilding credit?
  14. credit one bank & first premier bank?
  15. Have you filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  16. Filed for BK 3 years ago- can i get unsecured credit card after my 7th year?
  17. How to obtain a credit card with bad credit?
  18. How do i cancel my account from Premier Credit card?
  19. I have "no credit history" & Im trying to get credit but nobody will approve me. Who will give me credit?
  20. What is the max APR that a credit card company can place?
  21. when you don't have credit how can you get credit when no one will give you credit?
  22. What card will accept me in minutes?
  23. Best Rewards/Cashback Credit Card?
  24. how can i find the easiest credit card to help my credit?
  25. my premier credit card is not showing payment history on my experian report.why is that.?
  26. Best credit card for excellent credit?
  27. If you could get a card that gave you 25% cash back, but had an interest rate of 59% would you get it?
  28. For anyone who uses Chase Sapphire: How are the travel rewards?
  29. Is the Premier Bank credit card legit?
  30. help with paypal account????????
  31. How does paypal work on ebay?
  32. How am I supposed to bring my credit score up?
  33. How can i transfer balance on Sears Solutions Master Card?
  34. what does the sears charge plus credit card work at?
  35. What Store Credit Cards Can I Get?
  36. can I get a cash advance on my sear mastercard?
  37. Why is it that credit scores depend a lot on paying on time but nothing is mentioned about "floating" due date?
  38. Had a co signer for a loan but was declined due to no credit score, why have a co signer then?
  39. I applied for a credit card but dont know if i got approved or not?
  40. whats the best credit card to apply for?
  41. How can credit card company charge such high interest rate legally?
  42. if i have no credit can i only get a prepaid card?
  43. how do i get a prepaid paypal card?
  44. How many points (a month) will my credit score go up by paying credit card bill on time?
  45. Trying to rebuild credit, are there any credit cards that are easier to apply for?
  46. how do i build credit if i cant get a loan or a credit card?
  47. I havent payed my credit cards in almost 12 month and now my credit report shows nothing on it.?
  48. Applying for a Capitol One Card?
  49. What is the best credit card for someone to get with no credit/bad credit to help build reestablish credit?
  50. I have had a 3 year battle with credit reference agencies?
  51. How long does it take to ccj & bank default from credit report to go?
  52. Whats a great and easy way to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy?
  53. what are some ways to build your credit?
  54. whats the best credit card companys that accecpt bad credit?
  55. Can I use my sears employee discount card on online orders, and if so how?
  56. Out of Sears, Jcpenny and Walmart, which credit card would u get for starting credit?
  57. Sears running a scam?
  58. Can you help in choosing and understanding a credit card.?
  59. ok im trying to rebuild my credit i got two secured credit cards and now im wanting a department store card?
  60. Do I need Money to start a Student Discover Credit card?
  61. how to build credit at young age?
  62. Would not take a Sears card...............?
  63. I got rejected from a store card?
  64. how can i start a credit?
  65. what does "not having revolving credit mean?"?
  66. Just opened first credit card account ever (by accident) can i just close it without any penalties?
  67. Missing a Sears Credit Card payment in order to lower interest?
  68. Is a credit card useful if it does not have a visa , american exprs. , or mastercard logo?
  69. Can collection company sue credit card account holder for debts charged by ex-girlfriend?
  70. what is the easiest or better way to get a loan of $8,000?
  71. Credit card from mattress stores?
  72. what is pending? what does it do?
  73. If I pay off a late credit card will my credit be good again?
  74. Is sears mastercard visa a store retail card?
  75. How do I build credit if I don't have credit?
  76. Are there cards that don't charge foreign transaction fees?
  77. first priemer credit card approval ?
  78. Unknown Debit Card Charge from Higher Ground Development Anaheim?
  79. i have bad credit and an unpaid closed sears credit card account, will sears use that to make hiring decision?
  80. Is it possible to use the Amazon Rewards Credit Card for 1 purchase and close it right away?
  81. Which credit cards use what credit bureaus?
  82. is a mastercard a credit card?
  83. How to cancel a Sears Credit Card?
  84. what credit card will accept me?
  85. What Kind of Credit Card did I get?
  86. I don't have any credit, where should I apply?
  87. secured credit card???? help?
  88. Easiest place or bank I can get accepted a credit card?
  89. No credit cards, no debt?
  90. Can you start a new creedit at American Express?
  91. i got a netspend premier card from tt besides activating it do i have to sign up for direct deposite?
  92. Why does amazon keep declining my payment when it worked fine before?
  93. Delta SkyMiles or American Express Premier Gold Awards card?
  94. I the sears gift card will it work at wal mart?
  95. How to safely use my debit card?
  96. Do they ask for ID when using a Visa debit card? 10pts best answer!!! PLZ.?
  97. Is it possible to get a Sears debit card at the Sears cash register?
  98. PayPal: Whats the difference between adding an account and adding a debit card?
  99. How do I add money to the Sears gift card once I get it at the cashier?
  100. How to get customers to apply for sears card?
  101. Can i use Whitbread privilage card in conjuction with premier saver room ?
  102. How does Paypal work?
  103. how to use a Green Dot gold card when shooping online?
  104. Ok I have a credit card for $300 limit. I spend $100.81 on it is that too much to spend?
  105. Can you get approved for a gas card with bad credit?
  106. Would a cashier be held liable for a customers credit card fraud?
  107. Sears closed down our credit card account because of multiple cash payments!?
  108. Can you use your sears credit card any where else? like shopping or whatever?
  109. Will this hurt my credit score?
  110. why do i get approved for one card and not the other?
  111. How hard is it to get an Amex Premier Rewards Gold card?
  112. Sears CitiMastercard cancelled our account because or 'unusual payment activity'?
  113. Sears closed down our credit card account for multiple cash payments?
  114. How can I get credit if noone will give me credit?
  115. Will the Sears credit card affect my credit score?
  116. Why do I get charged a transaction fee when I use Paypal?
  117. How does Paypal work?
  118. Where is a list of major retailers that allow you to purchase gift cards with gift cards to their stores?
  119. What's a good credit card to get better credit ?
  120. debit card stolen and used?
  121. Can I get a store card with NO CREDIT?
  122. Why does Sears charge so much interest on it's Mastercard?
  123. what happened to my money orders?
  124. Sears credit card limit of 5000. Is that good?
  125. Why won't my available credit go back up?
  126. What is the best way to get (earn) credit?
  127. Credit report dispute?
  128. sears pushes me to get people to sign up for credit apps and i don't like it..?
  129. Do authorized users still build credit?
  130. Is that true that cancelling an account in a store makes your credit score lower? ?
  131. How do I establish any credit if I have no credit to start with?
  132. credit gone to collections?
  133. Would I be better off filing for bankruptcy?
  134. How can a credit company take a house when the value is not equal?
  135. does dell approve financing to people with no credit?
  136. why would I get a credit card seniel letter if I never signed up for one?
  137. Is it illegal to receive cash if you paid by credit card?
  138. How long does a "Disney Dream Reward Dollars" Redemption Card last before it expires?
  139. Does anybody know FOR SURE if you have to be eighteen to use a Prepaid Visa card online?
  140. How do you use a visa gift card to order something online?
  141. Sears Club Points Card?
  142. What are common first time credit cards?
  143. If SEARS stores declare bankruptcy, what happens to credit cards that SEARS issued?
  144. Can you use a meijer in store credit card to purchase american express gift cards?
  145. What are some stores that dont require credit in order to get a credit card from there?
  146. close this credit cards or keep them open?
  147. Approved for First Premier card that I don't want?
  148. Paypal asks me to "please add a new credit card"?
  149. Can i pay my walmart credit card with a master-card?
  150. annual interest rate?
  151. Sears credit card has been charged off?
  152. we just closed on our house today but now we are denied for a credit card?
  153. what card can i get to start building credit?
  154. What kind of store has the best store credit cards?
  155. Sears.com credit card question?!?
  156. Will my credit card charge me interest if i return the item?
  157. how do i get costumers to sign up for a sears credit card somebody please help me cause my job is in jeopard?
  158. sears credit card is it easy or hard?
  159. Will an old unpaid collection and child support hurt my FHA loan approval?
  160. Is it hard to get credit apps as a cashier at Sears?
  161. If I have a Sears Depatment Store Credit Card, can I make credit card payment at store?
  162. just turned 21 and i need help getting credit, even Sears wont give me a debt card to their store?
  163. why does my debit card keep getting denied?
  164. Deferred interest promotional offer?
  165. sears credit card payment to citibank?
  166. How can i get credit if they wont give me any?
  167. Can First Premier secured cards be changed to unsecured over time?
  169. American Express Rewards Points?
  170. Can I use BPI Express ATM International card through Paypal?
  171. What would my minimum payment be on a sears card if I charged $600 to it?
  172. Sears card closed my account and continued to extort money from me over a year. Should I stop payment?
  173. What is the consumer interest rate on revolving store cards?
  174. Did Sears (through Citi Bank) stop offering the Sears Premier Card?
  175. When you pay a Discover Card bill at Sears do they accept cash or only check?
  176. Can my credit be easily turned around?
  177. Should I accept the settlement offer from a credit card company?
  178. I dont understand this credit denial?
  179. Running my debit card as credit?
  180. What exactly is a Sears mastercard?
  181. Why am I getting declined credit cards?
  182. 17 yr old credit card fraud?
  183. Does it really take 30 days to see if I qualified for a sears credit card?
  184. Will i be charged a fee, if i did not activate my credit card account?
  185. Can you get a Sears mastercard with bad credit?
  186. Does it matter how many credit cards you have?
  187. Is capital one a good credit card?
  188. I received a charged on my Sears credit card statement and I don't know why?
  189. Someone may of used a stollen credit card today at my work!? HELP. Work at Kmart?
  190. Does it make any difference on credit reports if you never activate a credit card?
  191. I might have accidentally signed up for a credit card. What do I do?
  192. What do I say to customers to get them to apply for sears credit card apps?
  193. Credit Check - What are they checking?
  194. If a sears employee convinced a teenager to signing up for a credit card and...?
  195. Sears Mastercard? employee, good idea?
  196. Should I cancel my credit card?
  197. A question about credit scores?
  198. what's the "trick" a person has to use to get a JCPenney, Sears, or Discover credit card?
  199. i want to ask people what to do because my credit card was stolen and they dont want to do anything about it,?
  200. having issues obtaining a credit card?
  201. Secured Credit Card from PNC ?
  202. Do you have to be the holder of a credit card to pay on it?
  203. Bad Credit is Keeping Me From Buying a New Bed...What Can I Do?