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  12. Does the credit card signature need to match the signature on the application form for the credit card?
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  14. I have no credit history and want to apply for my first credit card. I'm hoping for suggestions on the different cards that would be best?
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  20. Is it okay to get a credit card at 17? Help! Nice detailed answers only?
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  22. Im 18 and employed can i get approved for a regular credit card or a student credit card?
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  28. Help me please - dont want to screw up my credit.?
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  30. How does Capital One work? Does it really build up your credit fast?
  31. How can I resolve the unlawful detainer on my credit?
  32. How to start building credit?
  33. Will I still built credit if I am a co-signer?
  34. credit card fraud scam?
  35. how can a creditcard rebuild your credit?
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  37. Is there a place where you can check if you have any credit cards in your name?
  38. Discover Credit Card? Is this a SCAM? Help.?
  39. Which credit card banks deny credit to individuals that have had bankruptcy on their credit history?
  40. Is it legal to charge for a credit account that was signed by a 14 y/o?
  41. Whats the chance that a credit union would approve you for a loan, but then turn you down when they finalize?
  42. My Bank wants me to have a credit card...why?
  43. If a credit card company replies to your application saying they need more info is it likely they will approve?
  44. bank of america closed my credit card account?
  45. Please read all. what can i do? is a credit card even an option?
  46. What type of credit card should I apply for?
  47. Can i purchase application without credit card?
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  53. Do you think my credit application went thru?
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  61. How do I check her out for free, please help?
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  67. asking this question to anyone with credit card fraud knowledge?
  68. On a credit card's application box for total annual income is that the estimated amount?
  69. How can I find out who tried to get a credit card in my name?
  70. If my credit card application is successful, do I have to use it?
  71. Will my credit report have a bearing on this?
  72. GE Capital Retail Bank, Creditor fraud attempt?
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  75. Please explain Discover Student Credit Card Terms or help a little (I have no credit)?
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  81. Is this legal? I filled out an application for a credit card under my name, I am 20 years old used my cell?
  82. Concerned upcoming college student, question about credit score?
  83. Just lied about my age for a credit card just 5 minutes ago, and I already immediately regret it. Please help!?
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  88. My boss lady wanna have sex with me. Please help?
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  91. How else can i get a credit card?
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  97. How should I pay for my bills to boost credit.?
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  100. False Information on Credit Card Application?
  101. Please! I need help with these!?
  102. I have just applied for post office credit card online but it hasn't told me if i am successful or not?
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  104. Lied on a discover card application?
  105. Lied on a Discover card application?
  106. Would a credit card company approve this application?
  107. Do credit card companies check your information?
  108. Why the $*()@ can't I get approved for a second credit card?
  109. can i fill out a section 8 application without giving my credit card number?
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  115. credit score / application for loan help?
  116. How do I know what I qualify for ahead of application?
  117. What does Cardholder Nation mean?
  118. Just received a CAO-EXT-2TPF error code on a credit card application?
  119. What are the times that credit card companies contact credit agencies?
  120. Can you also use the back side of a credit card application with your job application for note-taking etc.?
  121. If parents are paying for school tuition, is that considered "other annual income" on credit card applications?
  122. Credit card application denied but received a different credit card instead. Does this usually happen?
  123. I am a high risk as far as credit goes. I don't have anything outstanding and I keep current with my bills.?
  124. Why don't lenders (ie credit card companies) just tell you what your credit score needs to be?
  125. how to cancel a credit card before you get in the mail?
  126. how to download free applications from apple store in iphone without credit card?
  127. Is there anyone get paid from QEEP?
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  129. why does a credit card application ask the type of work you do?
  130. Credit card application?
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  133. How can I establish credit?
  134. I made a mistake when sending credit card application?
  135. What do I put for "yearly income" for a credit card application?
  136. I haven't received my Discover credit card yet. Should I be concerned?
  137. Citibank can't accommodate my credit card application as of the moment. What does this mean?
  138. IF I'm applying for a credit card and in the military, what would they use?
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  147. credit card application?
  148. I need help asap. How do I apply for credit card? get an apartment? pay for school? and get a car and insuranc?
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  154. I accidentally applied for a reloadable credit card?
  155. How long do loan/credit card applications stay on credit score?
  156. Is it ok to apply for a new credit card an cancel one every year?
  157. Can someone use my SIN overseas?
  158. I was approved by Orchard Bank. What does we are in the process of validating your funds mean?
  159. Victorias Secret card application, under review. Does this mean I was declined?
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  163. how to start building credit history from the very first time?
  164. Which Fuel credit card is the most easy one to recieve after application?
  165. does orchard bank credit card reject my card application if i have charged off bank accounts?
  166. How Can I get my first credit card?
  167. Why has my partner's credit score gone down?
  168. I entered the wrong name for "Credit Card Holder" on my CSU App and submitted it? How to fix this?
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  170. Bill me later, application refused due to accuracy of information?
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  173. Eviction-Judgement credit issue / Moving out?
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  175. Can I cancel my WELLS FARGO credit card application?
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  177. How can I earn more credit at age 20?
  178. How do I apply for a credit card? I have looked on a lot of websites..I have never had one b4?
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  181. Under 21, credit cards, employment and the Card Act?
  182. What am I doing that would cause me to receive a Chase credit card application every other day?
  183. Why am I being turned down?
  184. I just received one of those pre-approved credit card applications in the mail...?
  185. Wright Express with mobile device?
  186. I am trying to build my credit score by getting my own credit card, but everyone keeps denying me?
  187. While filling out a credit card application do I count child support from the government as monthly income?
  188. Why won't good credit card companies accept my applications?
  189. Why does Macy's says that it's important that I call them right after applying for a Macy's card?
  190. When applying for a credit card, do I do my past annual income or what my estimate of this years will be ?
  191. What are good requirements for a credit card?
  192. Would I qualify for a credit card?
  193. Can a fraud alert be put on your credit i.e. Equifax, Experian & Trans Union without you putting it on yoursel?
  194. can we use debit card in App store?
  195. How to apply for a Walmart mastercard?
  196. How do I cancel credit card application?
  197. How do I get a "free" credit report?
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  199. Credit Card Question?
  200. Will my credit card application be denied? I went dyslexic and flip flopped numbers in my birth date.?
  201. Is this going to help my credit score?
  202. Lying on credit card application but i can pay?
  203. How long does it take to get approved for Amazon Credit Card!?
  204. How long does it take for a credit card application to be approved.?
  205. How long do I have to wait to reapply for this credit card?
  206. Need advice on a car loan situation?
  207. I got approved for a credit card and now another credit card company sent me an pre-approved application...?
  208. what happens if you lied on a credit card application and got approved & activated it?
  209. Too many credit applications - Australia - Veda credit file?
  210. Can I use my parents income to apply for credit card?
  211. When you apply for a credit card in the bank, does it get processed immediately?
  212. 2 months ago.. I was denied for a department store credit card?
  213. Should I apply for my 5th credit card?
  214. Will closing a duplicate credit card affect credit score of first time credit card holder?
  215. How to fix credit score damaged by a co-sign credit card default debt?
  216. Question about credit cards?
  217. Why is Citi asking for my Social Secuirty Card?
  218. What should I do if someone stole my Social Security card and I am under 18?
  219. Will my card be approved?
  220. Requirements for a Credit Card application.?
  221. I want to apply for an Apple store credit card. But I already owe around $900 on my student bank card?
  222. Credit Card under my name issued by bank to Fraudster. What do I do? Please help. (Philippines)?
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