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  12. What is the best bank in the Bay Area SF to open a checking account?
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  14. How do i build up credit?
  15. Questions about Credit Score, Credit Balance, and credit increases?
  16. where can i get a pre paid credit card?
  17. If you have bad credit is there anything you can do to improve your credit score?
  18. Charging interest on a debt that was a charge off?
  19. What are the best places to get a mortgage in the US these days?
  20. how can i get a home loan with poor credit but i have a 90000 dollar a year job?
  21. Credit Scores different?
  22. To build credit, is it better to pay one bill off as a whole or just continue to make the payments monthly?
  23. How long do negative items stay on your credit report?
  24. What does these two payments mean?
  25. Redeem itunes gift card -.-?
  26. Having trouble ordering from amazon help plz 10 points :)?
  27. Is this even legal? Macy's credit cards?
  28. on average how many people are in credit debt?
  29. will buying something from slumberland help build my credit?
  30. Can paying off my Amazon chase card hurt my score?
  31. How much income do you need for a CapitalOne card?
  32. Does the 10 fee for buying an oyster card get put onto the card as credit or is it just a fee?
  33. Using credit wisely???????
  34. How do I build up my credit?
  35. I paid my jewlrey payment late is it gonna be bad on my credit ?
  36. Paypal, BillMeLater Question?
  37. credit advice from top contributors?
  38. Is this an okay credit score for a late start?
  39. if you are reaching your credit limit, does asking for a credit increase lower your credit score?
  40. What is a good place to open a second credit card?
  41. my gas meter is with edf and everytime i top it up it always says emergency credit on it?
  42. My credit score is 790 and I want to boost it, how do I do that?
  43. How does a credit card work?
  44. I have a few questions regarding Prepaid Credit Cards?
  45. I can't add my credit card to paypal?
  46. credit card identity theft or not?
  47. What pin do you use when swiping a usaa credit card at like tops or dollar general?
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  49. I need help deciding upon credit cards. Please help.?
  50. Action against HDFC Bank's credit card inflated statement.?
  51. Any advice on bankruptcy?
  52. Will closing a credit card account after just opening it affect my credit score?
  53. Loan and debt question.?
  54. Can anyone help me on this?
  55. Extra Credit Card Payments go toward Payment?
  56. Where can I take out a loan from for $2500?
  57. What is the debit/credit card slide and pressed "machine" called?
  59. Question about prepaid credit cards, easy 10 points!?
  60. Do merchants have to pay a flat fee on top of percentage fee for a credit card transaction?
  61. What's the best credit card for an 18 year old with no previous credit history?
  62. I keep getting denied for credit cards, how do I build up my credit now?
  63. I want to build up some credit what's a good credit card?
  64. If i pay 5000/7000 of debt how long will it take for credit score to go up?
  65. I'm having a Paypal Transcaction Issue.?
  66. When you have poor credit history, how tough is it to buy a car? (And not get ripped off?)?
  67. I'm over $25,000 in debt. Is this bad?
  68. credit card or prepaid card help?
  70. I want to apply for a car loan.?
  71. Can i get a credit card without having to open a bank a/c in Dubai?
  72. Can I purchase things with my visa gift card?
  73. I am trying to get a credit card.?
  74. Ebay question: Can i pay through paypal if i do not have a credit or debit card?
  75. I think I got credit card scammed at a retail store. PLEASE HELP! ?
  76. My parents racked up $30,000 behind my back using my social security number and credit cards. HELP!?
  77. I'm marrying into bad credit. Any guidance?
  78. What are the Top Card For Bad credit ?
  79. Anyone ever heard of a 15% extra preauthorization on ALL charges?
  80. Do credit card companies charge you interest on a purchase (before its due date)?
  81. got a credit card, instant fee?
  82. Disputing a bill/ disputing collections agency?
  83. Can someone who has never made contact with you, report on your credit?
  84. Barclays Credit card minimum payments..help please?
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  86. How to handle David's Bridal?
  87. I spent $280 on my mum's credit card on Itunes!What should i do?
  88. what should I do with my credit cards?
  89. When you get a credit card bill, do you look at the charges?
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  94. UK Vanquis Credit Card?
  95. I wonder what is the max a bank will let you have as a limit on a credit card?
  96. If I make a $500 purchase on a credit card that has 36% interest, If I pay the amount off in 2 months/interest?
  97. If you return an item to a clothing store (say, Topshop) by card, would it credit your account immediately ?
  98. Why Can't Credit Cards Be Combined?
  99. Why can't credit cards be combined?
  100. TOP ANSWER WILL DEFENATELY BE GIVING! how can i delete my credit card from my apple id?
  101. Credit Cards for Rebuilding Credit?
  102. What can i do if my Stolen credit card is used on eBay?
  103. Recent college grad unable to secure auto loan?
  104. How will this collections bill affect my credit score?
  105. Fico has different scoring models that they use?
  106. can i top up 2.00 credit with a card?
  107. How can you order a credit card when your dead?
  108. Paypal can't validate my credit card?! HELP?
  109. Im not a big spender, should i consider getting credit?
  110. I paid a portion of my credit card balance online but received a letter today of the previous balance?
  111. Credit card website, Chase Freedom www2.chase.com?
  112. Why is ebay asking me for credit card info?
  113. Are there really organizaitons that can lower your debt? Which?
  114. Wrong name on credit card payment?
  115. wrong credit card details?!?
  116. Can You Use Debit Card Online?
  117. I have received a judgement from a credit card bill dating back to 2001 which has trippled.Statue of limitatio?
  118. American eagle credit card?
  119. Is it against the law to NOT check ID's for credit card purchases?
  120. What cards can i use for a credit card replacement ?
  121. Is it alright to approach my credit card limit?
  122. What's the best way to build credit?
  123. Little credit card help?
  124. Paypal declines my credit card?
  125. can i top up a paypal account without having a credit card?
  126. How do I get my full iTunes store credit?
  127. how can I buy stuff online without a credit card?
  128. How do you properly dispute an old credit card account to eliminate it from your credit report?
  129. Building Credit.....?
  130. Can a parent get penalized by opening a credit card account for a son or daughter?
  131. A Credit question????
  132. How much available credit do you need to buy gas?
  133. On pay as you go, how do I top up once I buy the card with 10 worth of credit on it?
  134. Has anyone used a pre-paid travel money card?
  135. (UK) What are the best credit builder type credit cards in the UK?
  136. collecting debt from another country?