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  1. how do i work out these uknown debit payments?
  2. Can a loan business swipe my card if my payment is due without my permission?
  3. can you mix personal and business expenses on the same card?
  4. How long did it take to receive your EppiCard in the mail after it was sent out?
  5. Paid 1600$ Got Scammed by PayPal?
  6. My bank wants to knw where & when I travel to authorize my CC. I understand but feel violated #privacy?
  7. I ordered a replacement card from higher one, but I dont know when it'll arrive.?
  8. Credit card fraud or what?
  9. I lost my debit card and requested a new. (read more please)?
  10. what happends if i don't pay my credit card for 3 months?
  11. Chase Debit Card Question: Overdraft?
  12. I got charged 3 times at urban outfitters?
  13. Can I open up a business credit card with my EIN# only & not my ss#?
  14. How long does it take for a refund to go back on a visa card?
  15. Approved for an american express card?
  16. Canceled payment still shows pending on bank statement?
  17. CIBIL Score documents requirement?
  18. capital one personalization cards?
  19. How can I get my money ?
  20. Why are my online payments not going through?
  21. About putting money in paypal?
  22. Steam purchase/paypal transaction?
  23. What is the best business card with EVERY DAY cash back rewards on all card purchases?
  24. TD bank what does this mean , Please Help Urgent?
  25. Capital one platinum card !?
  26. I just got approved for a capital one sercured card, when will I get it?
  27. How much does paypal charge monthly?
  28. I have an EDD debit card and?
  29. Last year I got a AMEX 'BLUEBIRD' card for my?
  30. how long does it take for money to be in your account after depositing a check at an atm for BMO Harris?
  31. Gift Card Problem with Dollar Amount/Service?
  32. A small store that is going out of business Refunded me $600 on my Debit card?
  33. I had fraud in bank of america Fraud department is saying there is no reason to believe there was fraud.?
  34. Bogus credit card charges?
  35. Does anybody want a Beep Xtra card FREE?
  36. bluebird card fact....?
  37. My two cards haven't arrived.. what should I do?
  38. Amazon hasn't deducted money from my card even after the item just shipped?
  39. Abercrombie order cancelled. When can i get money back?
  40. does anyone have a secret rewards card they aren't going to use?
  41. Help with PayPal and Payoneer (Online payment methods)?
  42. Can I use a pending amount for a purchase?
  43. Payments by card clearing?
  44. I paid electricity bill but it hasn't cleared out of my bank?
  45. If someone has access to your debit card and or pin number, can they access your social security number?
  46. Chase payment card and fees?
  47. How To make Money Fast As A Teenager ?
  48. How to withdraw from PayPal to BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard?
  49. How to withdraw from PayPal to BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard?
  50. How long does it take for transactions to appear on your load and go card history?
  51. i cant pay for my purchase on ebay will my account be suspended? when i try to pay it says sorry we cant pay..?
  52. I recently bought a phone at At&t with my debit card (Wells Fargo) but then returned it later on?
  53. Want a back account with out my parents knowing?
  54. Can someone attempting to sell you something apply for a loan without your knowledge?
  55. A business that I went in 2011, charged my bank card $168 out of the blue.. Can I sue this company?
  56. My money hasnt gone on my ebt card. when does it?
  57. Does Bank of America charge overdrafts that same day?
  58. Will American Express offer to upgrade my green card?
  59. How long does it take to get a debit card?
  60. Credit Card acceptance 10$ and up?
  61. How will I get paid? Cash or check?
  62. How do I get credit references?
  63. Is the card I have my debit card?
  64. Order error?! Please help!?
  65. 7 to 10 business days. what do that means?
  66. why wont he give me my money back?
  67. How could a refund take so long to go back into my debit card?
  68. First time Ebay Paypal User Question?
  69. how long is it from now till 7 business days is up?
  70. Can dispute the charge with MasterCard used to buy something on Ebay with Paypal also?
  71. How long does it take an online refund to process on a debit card?
  72. I found a Borders gift card, can i redeem it,?
  73. am i liable for unauthorized charges before I report it lost?
  74. Can i find a way to know how scammers got my debit card info?
  75. Can I use a reload card for receiving cash on ebay?
  76. What is a black card? Like American Express black cards?
  77. Regions overdraft coverage question..?
  78. What are Pre Paid Debit Cards that offer $3,000 Daily ATM Withdrawals?
  79. Authorization hold and Transaction on debit card?
  80. Can a debit card be used even if the order was cancelled but the transaction hasnt been removed?
  81. How do I get a new pnc card?
  82. When will refund show up on paypal/debit card?
  83. What happens to the merchant if I closed my debit card due to fraud?
  84. want to get a payday loan deposited on a pre-paid card?
  85. debit card questions?
  86. If I have 5,000 points on my Chase Freedom card how many dollars can I redeem that for?
  87. What does 'pos' mean regarding debit card purchases?
  88. What happens if you take out a large loan, but for some freak reason, you are unable to pay the money back?
  89. PayPal question 10 POINTS!!!?
  90. can you order online with a debit card?
  91. how long does it take to get a replacement debit card?
  92. How long will my card get here?
  93. Do you have to be US residence to get a centurion black card?
  94. Do you have to be US residence to get a centurion black card?
  95. Auto loan help please?
  96. Will I get a Victoria's Secret Angel card?
  97. How long does it take for a refund on a returned item to show up on my card?
  98. How long does it take for ATM card to come in the mail?
  99. Are you charged a fee when you use a debit card at?
  100. Green Dot Card? Can u use temp. card online?
  101. Question about collections? Already paid off but they are saying I didn't pay?
  102. Can I use my debit card in a new Paypal account which was used in a closed account with updated address info?
  103. Hey i have a question regarding absenses and whether I missed to much to receive the credit?
  104. How long do refunds take on an american express gift card?
  105. How long does it take to get a atm card?
  106. Abusive bank charges.?
  107. Can i add my brother card on my paypal account?
  108. wheather france bank is ask reason about paypal payment?
  109. Can I transfer money from my greendot card to paypal?
  110. Is this free BestBuy gift card thing a scam?
  111. How long does an emerold card come in?
  112. Suggestion for cc fraud prevention?
  113. How to Sign with the Paypal Here App?
  114. How long does it take for refund back to debit card?
  115. Disputed a charge for a damaged chair that I purchased, with an American Express card. Please help!?
  116. My debit card has not come in the business days they told me?
  117. Lied on discover card application?
  118. Why wont my chase debit card work?
  119. Will the bank let me take out a loan for 1000 for an atv if I have 1500 down?
  120. I have more money in my debit account than i should have?
  121. Need help about making a frequent flyer card into a mobile apps.?
  122. How long does it take for a refund to go back on debit card?
  123. can i use the greendot moneypak outside the usa?
  124. Does it take longer to get a refund purchase back on your card during holidays?
  125. How Long Does a Debit Card Transfer in South African Banks Take?
  126. I Opted out of Overdraft Protection why can't I use my card?
  127. How do you accept Square gift-card payments ?
  128. Can you tell me how can i apply for payoneer mastercard?
  129. When should my card arrive?
  130. Will bank of america give me a small loan?
  131. Do you get a card with PayPal Smart Connect?
  132. When does my money go back on top of my walmart debit card after a return?
  133. Payroll card from limited brands..?
  134. When does Tesco.com rufund money on your card?
  135. The gas pump charged my debit card twice? HELP!?
  136. How long does it take to receive my gift card from my bank? (Rewards points)?
  137. Why is my bank card being declined when I have plenty of money in the account?
  138. How did someone steal my debit card number?
  139. what is the difference between normal debit card payment and direct debit payment?
  140. How long it takes refund to show up?
  141. We have applied for an argos card can we check the progress?
  142. Refund on a Visa Gift card (Debit card)?
  143. Why does my Chase deposit show up as pending?
  144. Walmart visa gift card return help!?
  145. Is the money from a debit card payment taken out instantly?
  146. Bassmaster and $300 gas card?
  147. how long does it actually take to receive a credit card by mail?
  148. what is the best credit cards?
  149. Is someone using my Social Security or Credit?
  150. Can the credit card reader ''SQUARE'' be on your laptop/without the credit card being there?
  151. Credit card shares information with affiliates about creditworthiness?
  152. I used my parents credit card without permission and they found out..what do I do?
  153. Zavvi won't accept credit/debit card online?
  154. Can I use your credit card?
  155. How long does it take for bank of america to send credit card?
  156. Can I get a credit card using my vehicle as collateral?
  157. Is there any business out there that has recieved working capital or a loan towards future credit card sales?
  158. how to affect someone's credit for not making payments in a regular business?
  159. Paypal has put a spending limit on my account?
  160. getting a credit card with no credit history and priviate business job?
  161. how long will it take my capital one credit card to arrive?
  162. Is there a debit card that does not charge a foreign transaction fee?
  163. How do i cancel my "RUSHCARD" from coming into the mail?
  164. did Capital one bank scam me?
  165. Amazon Prime Cancellation Credit Question?
  166. 14 day payment hold where do they get thie right My Best Buy card was originally with HSBC?
  167. Could I get my Capital One credit card on a Saturday?
  168. Is there really a new law for credit accounts? 2010 law.?
  169. Paypal account limited - help?
  170. How do I build my credit without a credit card?
  171. Question about Business Credit Card?
  172. I have 21K ins student loans, credit score of 489, and a repossession on my credit.?
  173. I just upgraded to a premier account on paypal?
  174. What credit cards am I easier to get approved for?
  175. Do credit card companies pay out of their own pockets after stolen credit card?
  176. Sears closed down our credit card account because of multiple cash payments?
  177. Debit card test charge?
  178. canceled debit visa card?
  179. Can a credit card company change their decision?
  180. how long does my credit card cover me for?
  181. credit card charges months after use?
  182. How do I link a credit card reader to my bank account?
  183. What costs does a business have for offering credit card transaction?
  184. You will grasp how pissed i get when trying to solve a problem caused by another.?
  185. I made a credit card payment and was wondering if there is a time limit till when it can be refunded?
  186. Can I cancel a transaction on a credit card?
  187. return item did not get credited back into card?
  188. Unusual charges on my bank statement?
  189. if i pay by paypal with my credit card is it safe?
  190. can you use personal credit card for business purchases?
  191. differences on debit and credit cards?
  192. What are USAA's business days?
  193. What are declarations (please help)?
  194. What is this chargeback for purchasing gift card?
  195. Suggest a prepaid card based on these circumstances...?
  196. What is a debit card?
  197. (ebay) Paypal needs proof of my identity, have probs, need advice, please RE:?
  198. Has anyone worked with Credit Card Builders?
  199. What should my parents do about my sister? They are paying for everything, and she keeps racking up the debt?
  200. How do credit cards work exactly?
  201. Is it true that not many businesses/banks take medical debt into account when running credit checks?
  202. how long until my credit card gets reimbursed for the no no hair removal product?
  203. A question about Paypal/eBay?
  204. Credit Card advice =/ ?
  205. I have over $150,000 debt, what is the wisest thing to do?
  206. What can I do about someone who gave me a declined credit card number for merchandise?
  207. How can one get along without a credit or debit card these days?
  208. Heartland Payment Systems: Do you use this for Credit Card Transactions?
  209. Should I get a square card reader ?
  210. Why Bank of America closed all my accounts (Checking, savings and credit card) all of a sudden?
  211. Bankruptcy Discharged 8/21/2012?
  212. Can my previous trip credit card dues affect new business trip to London?
  213. I need a car loan after BK7?
  214. Why do i have to sign a credit card receipt in some businesses, yet in others' i don't?
  215. Credit came out blank! Need Help!!!! Plz!?
  216. What do I do when I was just scammed for money?
  217. What right does a hospital have to immediately send your debt to a creditor without first...?
  218. 4 questions about credit cards, help me pleaseeeeee. even just equations?
  219. Is this a loan scam or not?
  220. Requesting payments via email thru paypal?
  221. what is the best new business credit card?
  222. Credit card charges after a scam.?
  223. How Do I Validate a Credit Card Without Paying a Monthly Fee?
  224. Does having a business credit card improve/damage your personal credit score?
  225. What is APR in credit cards?
  226. How long should it take for credit to be refunded on a credit card?
  227. Started a business with brother and he is using the business credit card for personal stuff. What should i do?
  228. Credit Card Fraud Incident?
  229. Can I have two chase freedom credit cards?
  230. Credit card help!! Ordering from US sites? I am from the Caribbean..?
  231. Multiple Credit Cards Debt & Home Loans?
  232. can collection agency go after a 12 year old debt?
  233. What should I do if I was served a summons for a credit card debt?
  234. How do I refinance my credit card debt?
  235. Trying to build credit.?
  236. General Credit Card Questions?
  237. Charging a different price for customers who pay with a credit card.?
  238. time limit on filing charges?
  239. What credit cards will my business be able to accept?
  240. A question about credit cards?
  241. how can I get a small business loan if i have bad credit. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
  242. My ex-boss owed me about $3000 in wages from 1999-2000. What is the chance of winning if I filed a lawsuit?
  243. Can I use my temporary card from Greendot as soon as I register online or must I wait the two business days?
  244. Money bookers usd london?
  245. is there any way that i can use my mobile as a credit card terminal?
  246. how do you accept credit card payments ?
  247. Someone copied my credit report! Should I be worried?
  248. What's the difference between a regular credit card and a business card ?
  249. How long until my card gets charged?
  250. How to do a credit check?