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  1. What is the interest rate that can be charged by a debt collection agency in Ontario?
  2. excluding a mortgage, who has the most debt? I dont have any, my mother wont allow me to have credit cards.?
  3. What are good 0% credit cards in the UK? I have a bunch of credit cards already, but have good credit.?
  4. How long should it take for a pre-paid credit card from virgin to arrive ? 10 points
  5. i want to transfer money from credit card to my debit card,can i then withdraw cash from my debit card?
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  14. prepaid credit cards uk? how does it work? where do you get one? can you get it to be a "visa card"?
  15. Has anyone taken up the offer off interest free credit with Virgin credit card?
  16. which are the best pre-paid credit/debit cards? are there cards you don't need to pay any fee to start?
  17. closing a credit card?
  18. how can i get free activation and free cell phone on line, with bad credit? and not having a credit card?
  19. why won't Halifax accept my balance transer from virgin credit card?
  20. Are the airmiles credit cards worth it, or is there a catch??
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  22. I'm looking to get my frist credit card but am having troubles deciding which one, any suggestions?
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  24. can you get a mobile phone with out a credit/ debit card i have an flex account with nationwide not visa ect?
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  27. loans, credit cards, debt....PLEASE HELP!!?
  28. does virgin credit card charge to cancel the card if not activated?
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  31. I made a balance transfer but its still showing on my old card, why?
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  38. how do i transfer a credit card balance to a new credit card?
  39. Cingular wanted me to pay five hundred bucks as waiver fee for two phones does this mean my credit is ruined?
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  47. ok where is is my directexpress/debit/mastercard security number on my card?
  48. American Express Gift Card, Why Can't I purchase ONLINE?!?
  49. How do i check my remaining credit online? (virgin mobile)?
  50. Do virgin mobile send bills through a letter or do they just tell your through computer?
  51. Should I get an unlimited card for Cineworld or should I get the 14.99 full access to LoveFilm?
  52. Which credit cards can you transfer balances to?
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  56. my virgin credit card has snaped how can i get mony today?
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  62. new bank card, do i need to change my bank details for virgin media payments? please read and help?
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  66. What questions do you expect the mobile team to ask you regarding your bank details?
  67. Avoid paying Virgin Alantic Credit card fees with MasterCard Credit card?
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  91. i applied for a budget loan of 800 and they offer me 312 and i cant fight the desicion?
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  95. I want to copy richard branson into a complaint. It is regarding his credit card/financial dept. Thank you?
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  97. What does this mean? purchases.. ?
  98. Is there any credit cards that give interest-free..?
  99. What does purchases mean for credit card?