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  1. Can I get two Walmart Discover Credit Cards?
  2. credit card question?
  3. No credit score but one debt owing?
  4. I put a fraud alert on credit report due to ID theft ; can I apply for credit?
  5. my girlfriend stole my social to apply for credit card?
  6. my girlfriend stole my information to apply for credit card?
  7. What is carrying a balance on credit card?
  8. What happens if I bought something using my credit card then just paid my balance then I return the item I bought?
  9. Is a debt consolidation loan a good idea for me?
  10. I cancelled an Amex credit card?
  11. Hello to all wellsfargo credit card holders I have a question.?
  12. Next account?
  13. how can i improve my credit score of 586?
  14. I don't understand how credit card/identity thieves can steal/use your credit card info without getting caught?
  15. is having too many users in discover credit card harmful?
  16. is it easy to get approved for a chase freedom credit card?
  17. ok i just got a job as a host @ applebees and i was wonder how long do i have to wait before i can apply for a credit card.Or how many pay s?
  18. can a Victoria secret card build credit?
  19. How can I increase my numbers?
  20. Closed Macy's account, still have a credit... .?
  21. Questions about applying for PenFed Auto Loan and Applying to other Credit Cards?
  22. Can i apply for a credit card?
  23. hard inquiries on credit report?
  24. Which Credit Cards to use to build my credit?
  25. I'm 18 and I want a credit card.?
  26. Macy's credit card limit?
  27. I have no credit history and got declined for an AmEx, will it hurt my score?
  28. i want to apply for a new credit card and close a old one, which is better to do first, apply? or close? i dont want to hurt my credit score?
  29. I got approved for a credit card with a limit of $250?
  30. Traveling..What Credit Card?
  31. How is it possible to get a purchase balance on gap credit card before activation?
  32. What does "Excessive credit obligations having amounts less than $2000" means?
  33. what does it mean when you have limited credit history ?
  34. can I apply for a student credit card if I don't start college till fall?
  35. if i apply for a walmart credit card and get denied will that affect my credi score?
  36. How many credit cards is a good amount to have?
  37. Best student Credit Cards?
  38. Is it possible to build credit with a loan your paying for that isn't in your name?
  39. My debt to income ratio on my credit report is under 10% do that counts when trying to apply for credit?
  40. What is the VS Angel card?
  41. Should I apply for a Victoria's Secret card again?
  42. Should I apply for a Victoria's Secret card again?
  43. Credit Card taking ages?
  44. Any credit cards i can apply to at 16? i do have a steady job. also, any store cards that will accept at 16?
  45. credit card question?
  46. If you pay a store credit card right after the purchase, does that help you get credit?
  47. What is a good credit card website to apply for first time users?
  48. When applying for a credit card?
  50. What is exsessive debt related to income?
  51. Credit card account opened that i didn't activate!?
  52. How are things applied to credit score?
  53. applying for my first credit card! help!?
  54. I have 685 credit score can I approve for a house? And will applying for the loan hurt my credit score?
  55. How do I cancel my best buy credit card?
  56. which credit card to apply for?
  57. i want to build credit to get a credit card.?
  58. No credit history, but i meet to get some?
  59. credit history for angel card?
  60. How do I get credit ????????
  61. Just got first credit card with VERY high limit?!?!?
  62. How to build credit with low score and insufficient credit history?
  63. credit how to build it help?
  64. Why would closing an acct reflect negativly on my credit report?
  65. Military Reduce APR Applied?
  66. Debt Relief Order - using catalogues after?
  67. What was your experience in personal loan?
  68. Can paying a personal loan early hurt your credit?
  69. I start at kohls Monday we have oreintation what do we get there on that day? An do we get paid the same day?
  70. how am i supposed to establish my credit?
  71. How long will it take for Capital One to raise my credit limit?
  72. How does one get bad credit?
  73. I'm 18, and applied for a chase freedom credit card, will I get approved?
  74. What happens if you over-pay your credit card?
  75. I'm 18, and applied for a chase freedom credit card, will I get approved?
  76. Can I get an American Credit Card?
  77. Thinking about a second credit card?
  78. Can being an authorized user help or hurt your score?
  79. I do not have a credit card; so how can I apply for one if I have no credit?
  80. How Can A 20 Year Old Build A Credit Rating?
  81. can i sue the bank for giving my senior citizen dad a credit card without applying or explaining to him terms?
  82. I didn't apply for Capital one credit card but got one?!?
  83. new macys store employee apply for macys card?
  84. what is the required documents for applying credit card?
  85. if i apply for a credit card and they refuse.will that affect my credit score?
  86. How do I start building credit?
  87. Opening/Closing credit card effect on score?
  88. Why did I get approved by Capital One?
  89. Credit card boa.??-?...?
  90. Why does my credit history go back to 1970?
  91. why do i keep getting denied for a credit card?
  92. why does your credit score go down due to a hard inquiry?
  93. is it possible to get $5k line of credit with $10k annual income and 700 score?
  94. Student line of credit!?
  95. credit or store card question?
  96. How do i improve my Credit score? Any tricks?
  97. Have no credit but I have a credit card?
  98. Does a Student Credit Card turn into a regular Credit Card over time?
  99. When applying for credit card, can you lie about your annual income?
  100. Bought a prepaid mastercard, what is a "Canada FX surcharge"?
  101. Can't get approved for a credit card? What am I doing wrong?
  102. Difference in credit building between paid for and co-signed credit cards?
  103. Do credit card companies verify that your really a student?
  104. Does being a cosigner for a car loan help build credit?
  105. how long does it take before finding out if i was a approved for amazon.com store card?
  106. where to get a loan fast?
  107. If I havent ran my credit in years what happens?
  108. question about new credit account and credit score effects?
  109. Can a bank find out what your credit limit is on another card from a different bank?
  110. How long till debt settle?
  111. Bank screwing me over?
  112. i tried to apply for credit at sears target and one other place got deny. i make about 1200 a month..?
  113. If I make all payments on time for a credit card, would APR still apply?
  114. Help with choosing the right credit card while having no credit history?
  115. Rejected overdraft, could someone explain?
  116. Stolen debit card question?
  117. In Australia when applying for a credit card do credit card companies call your references and landlord?
  118. Can i be approved for a credit card after paying off a debt?
  119. My FICO score is only 413?
  120. Could someone explain to me what I should do/consider when applying for a credit card for the first time?
  121. How to apply amazon credit card?
  122. Where in the world can I get a credit card?
  123. Best way to pay off bad credit?
  124. There's no obligations with the store credit card correct?
  125. where can i get a unsecured credit card, with a low APR?
  126. If i got a job, and it's my first job could I get a credit card?
  127. How to build credit when no one will give you a credit card?
  128. My credit score is 0, no credit. What's the best unsecured department store/credit card to get?
  129. How to obtain a credit card?
  130. building credit score?
  131. Could this be identity theft?
  132. How can I start making credit?
  133. How can I start my credit?
  134. How can I financial with out credit card?
  135. How can I build credit?
  136. Can I get a Medical Credit Card or Loan?
  137. How to get a credit card with no credit?
  138. Can anybody help me get approved for a starter credit card?
  139. How do i find out about my credit?
  140. Did they open a new credit card account for me?
  141. Credit card confusion and interchange rates?
  142. What medical lender will approve me? Aka care credit, MediCard, allcare finance etc?
  144. if i get a part time job, would i apply for a credit card?
  145. Credit cards and debt to income ratio?
  146. i applied for a vaniqis credit card and they have asked for proof of address does this mean i will get accepte?
  147. I have about 20 hard credit inquiries..question?
  148. Credit card hard inquiry?
  149. Does it affect your credit score when you close a store credit card account?
  150. I am thinking of applying for a Macy's Credit card, do you get the 15% off on all brands?
  151. Credit card hard inquiry?
  152. how to get a credit card?
  153. I'm 18 and got a credit card what now?
  154. I want to start my credit?
  155. What is up with credit scores?
  156. Can i apply for a student credit card right now if i turn 18 in 10 days ?
  157. What do I do about inaccurate credit?
  158. Why was I rejected, should I be worried?
  159. Does this mean that I was denied for a Credit Card?
  160. How can I establish credit?
  161. Should I apply for another credit card?
  162. How do I build my credit?
  163. Do credit card companies look at medical collections accounts?
  164. How can I build credit?
  165. if I apply for a credit card and get approved, do I have to accept the card?
  166. I have two credit cards should I?
  167. I applied for too many credit cards, will I need a cosigner?
  168. How do student credit cards work?
  169. Social security name different from credit card name?
  170. What am I doing wrong?
  171. Getting an apartment with no real credit?
  172. Freshman in college.. Credit score is horrifying... help?
  173. when am I going to get my horizon card?
  174. I'm 18, and I wanna start building my credit? How should I?
  175. Will a prepaid credit card allowing me to rent redbox movies?
  176. I recently read that my car installment loan can hurt my credit but i was not clear as to why.?
  177. How do I start to build credit?
  178. Which credit card should I apply for?
  179. If I have $50,000 credit limits and I have a debt of $20,000?
  180. I have an ssn question !!!!?
  181. When is APR applied to a credit card?
  182. There was a walmart credit card in my name so i use it and they said i was the authorized user is that fraud?
  183. Guitar Center Financing Help?
  184. Someone added me as an authorized user for a credit card but i used the card will i get in trouble?
  185. Should I ask the temp agency I'm applying for if I'll pass their credit check if I file bankruptcy?
  186. How do credit cards work?
  187. What credit card would I most likely get approved for with no credit?
  188. Paid creditor but she lies?
  189. road to credit (card)?
  190. How can we maximize our credit earning potential with a credit card?
  191. Help me 76 gas card question and credit ?
  192. Help: Mom made a bill in my name and now they want payment?
  193. My credit is ruined I don't know what to do?
  194. What's the spending limit on each of these credit cards?
  195. Does anyone 18-19 have a VS Angel card?
  196. looking to apply for a credit card?
  197. Which credit card should i pay?
  198. Purchasing items outside of best buy with best buy credit card interest question?
  199. Credit card points question?
  200. American Express Help, income to apply for a credit card?
  201. How quick can I get a credit card?
  202. Is it possible to have 2 identities?
  203. Getting a Lowe's credit card?
  204. credit card?????????????//?
  205. Where can I apply for a 'chip and pin' credit or debit card?
  206. does it hurt your credit if?
  207. how much money i got to make a year to apply for chase credit card?
  208. Auto loan or pay cash for cheap car?
  209. cibil score for education loan?
  210. Apply for multiple credit cards then only accept the best?
  211. How to get a credit card?
  212. How to make my DEBIT card my PAYMENT TYPE on PAYPAL?
  213. If I haven't started my credit then does that mean I can pull my credit as much as i want without hurting it?
  214. I have no credit card history. Which company is better? Discover or Capital One?
  215. Could someone give me a list of credit card company names?
  216. How to get credit ??
  217. Easiest way to build my credit?
  218. How to raise credit score?
  219. Does pre-paying student loans raise credit score?
  220. what dies "0% intro APR for first 7 months" mean for a credit card?
  221. What's better for your score? Pay off every month or make the minimums?
  222. Dual Citizen with credit questions.. variety plz help!!?
  223. If I apply for a BestBuy Visa what happens to my current visa credit card?
  224. When applying for a credit card, is it usually best to find out your credit limit before?
  225. How long before credit card balance effects your credit score?
  226. How long does it take to receive a credit card from Wells Fargo?
  227. What credit cards do you have?
  228. Why am I not being approved for a credit card?
  229. How do you calculate APR after promotion period?
  230. Which credit card is better to apply to and why? Is it this one?
  231. Is a 10.9% on a Capital one credit card good?
  232. I need a credit card but have a low credit score.?
  233. My credit score is 633, and I need some advice on rebuilding my score?
  234. What is a reasonable auto loan amount to ask for?
  235. Credit Card with the highest limit?
  236. Should I pay off credit card before applying for a car loan?
  238. How can I get a BestBuy or Target credit card. I have a 705 credit score, and never had a job.?
  239. The Credit Bureau Has Wrong Info About Me?
  240. Credit keeps getting denied?
  241. Why didn't I get approved for the Capitol One Journey Credit Card?
  242. What happens when you miss a credit card payment?
  243. Whats a good $3000-5000 limit credit card?
  244. I just started college and I wanted apply for a Credit card, I Need advice!?
  245. When can minors start earning credit?
  246. Opinion on chances of getting a loan?
  247. Best credit card for new comers to the US?
  248. Best Buy Credit Card vs Any Other Credit Card?
  249. How old do you have to be to apply for a prepaid card like a Walmart Money Card?
  250. Does it hurt your credit further if you don't open cards you applied for?