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  1. Is it bad to exceed your credit limit? Can it damage your score?
  2. Could someone explain to me on a basic level, what APR is?
  3. Re-establishing credit after Chapter 7? How much is enough?
  4. How does credit card interest work?
  5. Questions about Credit Scores and Car loans . . .?
  6. Interest Rates of credit cards are higher than interest rates in Payday loans.?
  7. Credit card approval?
  8. Will it affect your credit rating if you keep losing your credit card?
  9. After 1 year of having credit card and a decent job, what else can be done to boost my credit?
  10. Should I cut up all my credit cards?
  11. How to settle or set up payment plan with difficult bill collectors...?
  12. when you are unable to pay your credit cards minimums, is better to close the account or keep it open ?
  13. TD Canada Trust Credit Card Activation Process: Not sure if I made a mistake?
  14. Where to get lines of credit?
  15. Can't get my credit report...should I be concerned?
  16. Going over my credit limit?
  17. My mom ruin my credit...How to improve my credit in my current situation?
  18. Need help on personal loan and credit score rankings?
  19. Need help regarding a motorcycle loan?
  20. SIN number invalid?
  21. My credit score is down?
  22. What would you say is the optimal # of credit cards to have?
  23. Should I Close My Credit Card?
  24. How much of mortage loan can I get making 48,000 a year?
  25. Credit Card Cash Advance Interest - How do they calculate it, bu the day?
  26. ordering something online???????
  27. Is it true utilization doesnt matter if you pay in full?
  28. Gym Membership and Credit score/ history?
  29. building credit?
  30. I want to apply for a secured credit card?
  31. How long does it take to build good credit?
  32. Help improving bad credit rating?
  33. New Credit Card: I received the advice 'Never pay late, & also, never pay before you get the bill'?
  34. How long till I can finance a car?
  35. If I go slightly over the 30% of my limit use but pay half of it off when my first statement is due- will this hurt my credit?
  36. Can I get a 30k auto loan with 50k yearly income?
  37. Taking out a vehicle loan just to build credit?
  38. Will finace payment option help my credit rating?
  39. using Financial aid to pay bills down?
  40. how to start a good credit rating?
  41. What effect does intro rates on credit cards have on credit scores?
  42. Credit rating, mortgage question?
  43. Where is there a legit payday loan or cash advance company in the state of Maryland?
  44. Keep getting charged for a free trial?
  45. How can I improve my credit score?
  46. How do consigning work ?
  47. How up to date is Credit Karma?
  48. Is it true that every time I inquire about my credit score, THAT IT GOES AGAINST MY RATING?
  49. My credit score is 666; is that good or bad?
  50. what will happen if i turn my car back in to the finance company and how will this affect my credit report?
  51. I have a poor credit rating with Experian due to a defaulted account last year which is stopping me get credit?
  52. what will happen if I dont pay my credit cards?
  53. what do i need to qualify for payday loan assistance?
  54. What happens when you get bad credit?
  55. Is the CARD act still moving forward?
  56. What is a credit limit?
  57. I heard that using more than 15% of my credit line is bad. Can you please explain why though?
  58. Why do people take out loans to pay off debt. it is just more debt?
  59. How can I raise credit score by 27 points and how long would it take?
  60. I am 21 years old and I want to start building credit already. What do I do?
  61. Does transferring money from Mastercard to Paypal cost fee?
  62. how do i build up my credit rating from scratch? i have no history what so ever?
  63. how do loans on your 401k work?
  64. what happens to high interest rate loans when the prime rate is lowered?
  65. I want to help my credit , Lexington Law ?
  66. Building your credit with credit cards?
  67. I missed one cell phone payment; why is my credit so bad?!?
  68. question about TSB bank help?
  69. Where is the best place to go for a debt consolidation loan?
  70. Will setting up direct debits between two current accounts improve my credit rating (UK)?
  71. how quickly do you have to pay cash advance?
  72. Debit Card help (load and go )?
  73. We want to borrow 106,000?
  74. Why did my credit score drop so much in 1 month?
  75. Can i use my maiden name if i never changed it in my SS card?
  76. Could a cash loan cause my credit to go down ?
  77. Blue Sky American Express?
  78. Debt Advice needed ASAP (UK)?
  79. Fixed And Verible Loans Difference?
  80. I want a credit card with the best benefits/rates? I have excellent credit....your suggestions?
  81. how long does a vehicle repossession stay on your credit rating?
  82. No credit bad credit please help?
  83. whats the best way to improve your credit rating fast?
  84. What happens after my 0% intro apr is done?
  85. Which would improve my vredit score paying off my credit catd woth a higher balance or the lower nalance?
  86. How many points on a credit score does a tax lien equal?
  87. Am i a victim of an Installment Loan Scam?
  88. questions about candian credit?
  89. How to build a good credit score fast from scratch?
  90. How long should i wait to get a car loan after bankruptcy?
  91. Should I refinance my car now or wait till my credit improves?
  92. Can I get a motorcycle loan if I want to start my credit ?
  93. Good credit score while on disability?
  94. Bad credit rating? Anyone know what to do?
  95. I really need to know if I will qualify for a project loan with Home Depot before I close on mortgage, because?
  96. What is some ones credit rating or credit score?
  97. What is APR? PLEASE HELP?
  98. Do you think I can build my credit back up to a good credit rating?
  99. With a credit score of 613 after a 750 score a few months ago how to get the credit score level back to over?
  100. If you buy a car in full , using a credit card and then default on your credit card,can they reposse the car?
  101. How long would it take to pay a 12,000 Barclaycard Debt, at 200 p/m at the current interest rate?
  102. Credit Score........?
  103. Confused about how this 250$ title loan somehow one month later is almost 1000$ to pay off.?
  104. increasing credit score?
  105. How do banks figure loan interest?
  106. calculate pay off debt with minimum payment only?
  107. Does bad credit follow you when moving to another province? Is there any benefits like that when moving?
  108. What does your credit score need to be to even be considered for a mortgage?
  109. Do I have a credit score? I have no credit card, but I have a debit card that I use, so does that build up?
  110. How do I build credit in college?
  111. How useful is credit score after you have a mortgage loan?
  112. I would like to know if taking out a Sim only contract will help me build my credit score?
  113. Is this true about APR and periodic interest rate?
  114. How do I build my credit?
  115. need advice on getting loan with poor credit?
  116. Why can't I pass a credit check for a contract phone?
  117. Can I cancel a hotel room signed for by someone else but charged to my card?
  118. After a bankruptcy, does leasing a car improve credit rating?
  119. Best way to improve credit rating without an auto loan?
  120. Is this a good way to gain credit? for a loan later.?
  121. Can I put a $16,000 surgery on my carecredit card?
  122. How does Wage Garnishment affect your credit score EVEN if the Judgement is not reflective of Late Payment?
  123. How would I pay them? (Credit Card)?
  124. Should I take out a small loan to build credit?
  125. what is APR? What does the APR percentage mean?
  126. What the heck is a credit file/data?
  127. Bank account or credit union?
  128. How do I get a loan with no established credit or cosigner?
  129. Pay off auto loan before term ends?
  130. My friend says I have to take debt on to pass a credit check ?
  131. Can someone explain APR in plain English?
  132. How do you get a Payday Advance loan?
  133. Why do I need a copy of cell phone bill for auto financing?
  134. What will help my credit score more, paying off debt in a lump payment or in monthly installments?
  135. how to improve credit rating?
  136. How can I repair my credit?
  137. Which might raise my credit score faster?
  138. How do i boost my credit rating?
  139. Car Financing with some sub prime credit factors what can I expect?
  140. is 699 a good credit score?
  141. Does where you live affect your credit rating?
  142. How to improve my credit score fast?
  143. what does high interest mean?
  144. Does any one know any loan companies that will give a loan to people on benefits?
  145. Credit inquiries hurt me, what do I do?
  146. How long will a paid insurance $110 collection bill will effect my credit rating?
  147. is 36.0% apr too high?
  148. So we owe about 50k in(credit cards,medical bills)stop paying them a yr ago.is it worth filing chaptr 7?
  149. Credit Card question!?
  150. do you still increase your credit if you pay the minimum every month?
  151. Do banks lower your credit interest rate if you have good credit?
  152. How much will unpaid credit card bills drop my credit?
  153. How do I calculate deferred credit card interest?
  154. Is 718 a good credit score for 20 years old?
  155. what are the opinions about a credit card now?
  156. Need help with Credit Card. First time user and very confused.?
  157. Is it possible to owe more than your credit limit?
  158. Credit Cards?????????????
  159. How do I improve my credit rating?
  160. "Does it matter if I have another 0% credit card deal, I have swapped twice and it would be 3rd time?
  161. Beginner Building Credit: 100$ a month and then paying it off in full?
  162. Is it a bad thing I don't have credit?
  163. first credit card advice? Student.?
  164. how does car loan iquires score on credit?
  165. 18 years old and no credit...?
  166. taking a loan on 401k to consolidate debt?
  167. The Levy's credit card statement shows a balance due of $1578.25 on March 23, the billing is date. For the?
  168. What are some options to raising your credit score?
  169. I have bad credit. Ain't gonna lie, I was a fool when I was young......?
  170. how bad is my credit score ruined?
  171. credit card with bad credit rating?
  172. what is the best airlines credit card?
  173. First time credit card?
  174. Credit card help? please?
  175. Could this affect my credit rating?
  176. Should I open claim under eBay or PayPal?
  177. My bank increaed my APR rate on my credit card back in May. To late to call and ask them to lower it?
  178. question about bad credit and credit in general?
  179. If I pay my high APR auto loan on time for 12months, than get refinanced...?
  180. How do credit cards work?
  181. low rate vs no annual fee on credit card which on eis best and whats the diff?
  182. Iis it a bad idea to withdraw cash on a credit card?
  183. How do i pick a credit card out?
  184. Creditor owns debt but collection agency is the handler - who do i negotiate with?
  185. can i have a visa card which act as credit card?
  186. Question regarding debt consolidation loan?
  187. How much spending on credit card interest? Math Problem!?
  188. I'm looking a credit card, one with a fixed interest rate.?
  189. What credit card has the lowest rates?
  190. will I be approved for a used car loan with a credit score of 527?
  191. How should I take my first step into building credit?
  192. Debt & interest rate ?
  193. Applying for a credit card, what does credit line mean?
  194. Should I roll my credit card debt into my car loan?
  195. Question about the Fidelity Investment Rewards Credit Card...?
  196. will closing credit card accounts hurt my credit score?
  197. I need a credit expert's help!?
  198. Credit Card Interest Rate/ Debt?
  199. question regarding credit card payments and building credit?
  200. Most credit cards have either low interest rates or low annual fee. Which is more important? And why?
  201. Credit card processing?
  202. how to make an excel credit card repayment calculator?
  203. Regarding Credit card interest rate?
  204. Want lower interest rate!?
  205. UK: Is the Capital One "Secured Credit Card" any good for someone with no credit history?
  206. I have $3,485 credit card debt and I want to pay it off - how much should I put toward it per month?
  207. what does a credit report show?
  208. credit card question please?
  209. credit card percentage rate?
  210. Questions about renewing my credit card?
  211. How Do I Use My new Credit Card Smartly?
  212. Can I get a fresh credit rating as a student if I use my student house address instead of my home address?
  213. what is considered excellent credit?
  214. Will a short term loan improve my credit rating?
  215. Went over credit limit. Did it hurt my credit rating?
  216. What is the purpose of credit cards if they ruin your credit history?
  217. My credit rating always goes down, why?
  218. How does pay day loans affect your credit rating?
  219. ways to get a good credit rating when I dont have any bills or payment history to acheive a credit rating?
  220. Can you tell me this is a good credit card?
  221. I have a credit card that I want to cancel as soon as I pay it off?
  222. how does a credit card interest rate work?
  223. Help with credit card fees?
  224. Is 9.9% a high interest rate for a credit card?
  225. I have a credit score of 500 (terrible, I know). What are my options for an auto loan w/ a co-signer?
  226. Explain to me how interest rates work on a credit card?
  227. could i take cash out my credit card and pay back in full before the month ends ?
  228. what will be the amount owed at the end of one year if a borrower charges $100 on his/her credit card and?
  229. credit checks by ermployer?
  230. Can I get a bad credit auto loan? Interest rate?
  231. best credit card to apply for a person with no credit?
  232. I applied for a Wells Fargo credit card and was declined how badly does this affect your credit rating?
  233. Deferred interest credit card?
  234. does it help or hurt your credit if you pay off your credit card bill before you even have a credit card bill?
  235. Is it possible to have a credit card company remove negative marks from credit report after you've paid debt?
  236. Who has the cheapest rates in regards to credit card merchant account for a retail business?
  237. How long will it take for my credit file to improve after this?
  238. Consolidating credit cards or taking out a loan?
  239. Will it affect your credit rating if you use credit card on sport gambling sites?
  240. How long will it take for my credit to get better after this?
  241. If I've never had a credit card, what's my credit rating?
  242. Cancelling a Credit card?
  243. What credit card should I get?
  244. Leah owes $4,206 on a credit card with an 18.7% interest rate compounded monthly. What is the monthly payment?
  245. What is the best credit card for me?
  246. best interest credit cards?
  247. What is a good student credit card that's accepted everywhere?
  248. Improving credit with first credit card?
  249. Is 5% a high interest rate for a credit card or really a debit card with over draft protection....?
  250. Credit card question?