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: The purpose of this loan is for property investments. I've been working on my credit since I was 18 because I've always planned to take out this loan. at 18 I acquired my first credit card and have yet to miss a payment for the past year I have been paying for my car every month without missing a payment this goes the same for my cell phone bill. My credit scores is in the low 700s. What do banks need, want, and like to see in order to give me or to loan me this amount of money? Any tips or advice will be very much appreciated

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: Suggestions:
- Make sure you pay the credit card in full each month. Do not carry balances!
- Make sure you have been employed for at least one year. With tax returns.
- Your income needs to be sufficient to support that loan.

It's going to be almost impossible for you to get this loan at 18.
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: You'll also have to have a significant amount of your own money to invest in the properties, and a good job history showing income enough to pay back the loans. They'll also need an appraisal of the property.
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