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: Has anyone else had this happen to them? My SS# has a fraud alert on it an bc I got a supposed letter from this company that used to worked for, for about 1 month in 2008 "saying there was a theft" (that their computers got stolen)? however the letter also referred who ever else it got sent to & it looks like @ this point this was just me bc it just so happens to be the case that their computers never were stolen & their offices were never broken into. I can't get a credit card bc this is on my SS#. I lost this letter & whoever did this to me was probably banking on that so, they now can get away with whatever they want without me knowing or something. who the eff knows? cos I don't. my SS# is now messed up with this alert that I cannot seem to get taken off... any help would be greatly appreciated. TY!!!

Bdancer, That is not the reason. So, you don't have to comment again.
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