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: I'm currently in college and seeing as I have zero credit history I was looking to somehow start building it for the future. I was thinking of getting a Capital One secured credit card which is pretty much the easiest way to start from what I've read online. However my sister told me that if I open a student account with Bank of America and apply for the BoA student credit card they will give it to me even if I dont have a credit history. This seems a bit too good to be true, has anyone had any experience with this?

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: College students get a lot offers, and usually get accepted. This can help you and hurt you at the same time. Do not bite off more than you can chew so to speak, try the unsecured card you sister suggested first, as it probably has a better interest rate. Anyway you decide, Interest rate is what you have to look out for. If it's over 17%, buyer beware!! If this is your only option, pay it off immediately to build credit, and avoid paying the interest.
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: I was in the exact same situation as you! I applied for the B of A student card my first year of college and got denied. I applied for a capital one card (unsecured) and got approved with a $300 credit line, which has grown to $1300. I guess it depends but that was the route I took! Apply for the capital one and go from there. (BTW, i applied for the B of A about a year after, got approved for $2500)
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