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: I got several credit cards when I turned 18, and then lost my job. I was unemployed for about a year, and it took a toll on my financial history. My bank account was sent to Chexsystems, my credits were sent to collections, and now my credit is in the high 500s. I was able to find work, finally, last year, and spent to recovering my debts, and getting them settled on my report. Now that that is done, what is the next step I need to take to raise my credit. What I really need to a bank account. Any ideas?

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: It will go up, slowly, now that you have things paid off. Be sure to keep everything current now.
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: Try a credit union. Talk to them about what you need.

You can also get a secured loan and pay it off. Say you borrow $500 from a bank and deposit it. Then you pay down the loan. You will pay some money in interest but it will re-establish your credit.
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