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: I went to use my debit card and it was declined, so I contacted my bank. Come to find out, my account had been frozen because of 3 unauthorized individuals had taken money out of my account at 4 different times the day before. Because the individuals have the same back as i do, the bank was able to trace the money to the accounts where the money was sent too. So fortunately for me I will get the money back. But what do I do from there? Can I, and should I press charges? Is there any point in doing so. Do i have to pay for an attorney if it is the way to go? What should I do?

I already have signed an affidavit with the bank and am filing a police report. I am also going through the motions of having my account numbers changed and contacting the credit bureaus of identity theft.

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: Call the Police. does the bank have those peoples names? and depending on how much they took, it could be a felony charge. also, you should call the police deptartment instead of 911.

Huh, you are 1 step ahead of me :P
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: If the bank has returned your money, you are no longer a victim. The bank will take care of pressing charges -- which they may not bother doing unless this is some kind of larger fraud network. You won't be able to press charges since the bank won't be giving you any info on who took your funds.

Just make sure you get a new debit card and be more carful where you use your card.

By the way, this is not ID theft. it is unauthorized charges on one account. ID theft is using your personal info to open new accounts. It's not likely the thief accessed your personal info; just stole your card number.
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