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: Hello,
I know absolutely nothing about loans and apr rates are along with anything else that may be included in taking a loan. I am looking to take a loan out for about $5000-6000 and I supposedly have a credit score (according to of 641. How do I go about taking out a loan and where do i go? Is PNC a good bank to request one from? What are the requirements for qualifying for one (obviously being employed, but what else)? Im just trying to do some research and I dont understand most of the explanations and was hoping someone here could explain the process to me in plain english lol. Maybe share their own experience? Thanks so much!

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: No one is going to touch you with that credit score. Banks will look at you funny if you ask for a personal loan. Only "high up" people can do these.
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: Personal loans are very hard to get these days, even for people with a higher credit score than you. With a personal loan, there's little they can do to you if you fail to make your payments on time.

Most of the loans being given these days are "secured" by something. For instance, an auto loan is secured by them holding the title to your car until the loan is fully paid. A mortgage or a home loan is secured by your house--the bank has a lien against your home until the loan is paid.

You can go into any bank and ask, but don't be surprised if you are rejected.

Most people who need personal loans try to get a credit card, which is basically a monthly personal loan.

You may want to sign up for a financial literacy class at your adult education center or your local community college--you'll develop a good understanding of these things.
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: Personal loans went obsolete years ago. They were replaced by credit cards. If you don't qualify for a credit card, then you would get no loan.
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