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: I'm 14, and play the euphonium. I really hate using the schools terrible instrument, and want to get my own. I saw this nice one called a Yamaha YEP-842S Euphonium, and it is even a compensating one (valve on the side, you use your left index, and not your right pinky, which is much better and faster). Really the only problem is that it costs $7000, and we barely have enough money for me to go to school.

My question is a seven thousand dollar loan possible? And if so, how bad would it be to have one? We are not in debt, and I have no idea what a credit score is, but we don't even use a credit card. Usually, if we don't have the money, we don't get it. Where would I get the loan? The bank?
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: Hay dear, you are not A well mature guy, so you need help of any authentic guy as like you father or brother, I would like to say debt is not a well policy for a happy people so think again. I think you can make money from internet by doing outsourcing or trading in Forex market. Carry on, you can win.
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