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: I have been shopping WAY too much! I have never maxed out my credit card, I only have $50.00 charged on it.

It's a VISA card from my bank. I do online banking, and I'm not sure if I should call them up or not.

If I freeze my card, will I have to get a new one? I just want to temporarily have stuff declined this month, so I don't overcharge.

I have a shopping addiction.
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: easy .

put in Quart bag of water .
place in back of deep freezer.

start acting like an adult , not congress.

red - total money makeover, dave ramsey
b4 u end up homeless.
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: If you call the bank and ask the account be frozen,, you may never be able to use the account again.

If you are not able to control yourself, perhaps you should close the account and avoid the temptation. A big part of good financial management is discipline.

Putting the card in a ziplock bag of water and freezing is a very good way to stop yourself from using the card. By the time it defrosts enough to get to the card, you should come to your senses and not spend. Oh, defrosing in the microwave ruins the card.
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: Well, other than paying the account off and closing it, the only other option is to request a voluntary credit limit reduction to maybe $200 or so.
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: The simplest thing to do would be to give your credit card to a relative and ask them to hold on to it for you, and tell them why, so they'll know when or when not to give it back to you.

Otherwise, you can call the credit card company, tell them you would like your account placed on a temporary freeze so you stop spending on it. The only thing about this, is that you can just call them up next time you're dying to buy something and ask them to unfreeze it. Trust me, I've gone through this whole thing before.

So your best bet would be to give it to a friend. Or better yet, cancel the card altogether if you're that concerned about spending.
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: No,

Freezing means that the account on the card is frozen and nothing can be spent on the card. However this does not mean that you have to get another card. If you know the number of the cardholder, such as Discover, Chase, Ect. You can call them and ask them to unfreeze the card for you.

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: Freezing just means you wont be able to buy stuff. I've had to do this a few times myself. Just simply call the bank and ask them to unfreeze it.
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: hmmmm

give the card to a family member under strict instruction its not to be given back but for a genuine emergency

dont have you credit card details saved to any websites you use

develop discipline

I doubt the bank would get on board with that

I attempted to have a $200 daily limit placed on my card in case of fraud but my bank claimed to not have to capacity to do that
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