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: I just turned 19 and am looking to make the next step into a further financial maturity and get a credit card to help establish credit mostly. I've researched good first cards and I found online they said the chase freedom card was friendly to young adults with no credit like myself. I got declined and same at Bank of America, and Wells Fargo for a regular credit card. How do I build any credit if none of them will give me a chance? I noticed some companies have "college " or "student" cards that are listed to help build credit. But I'm going into the military in a few months not college so would I be eligible or do you have to actually be in a school? And would a student card be pretty much the same as any other card except maybe a lower credit limit? If so would you suggest one? I want to try to avoid a secured card aswell. Thanks

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: Try Capital One, it is a great starter card and well recognized. You can get a secured card and that will help you build credit.
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