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: I would like to withdraw change from my higherone debit card so I could buy some chips at the local store. I have .22 ct to buy the chips but I need .78 ct to buy the chips at the store in order so me and my family could have enough to eat for the rest of the weekend to Saturday combined with the few snacks we got at home. I am not trying to be ignorant, I'm a grown man, but so much money has been taken from me from riding to college. Now, I barely got any money to buy food. Don't take this funnily or half-seriously; this is something I ask in general. Is there anyway to withdraw that .78 ct so I can use it or will have to stay there? Can someone please tell me?

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: Why not deposit your 22 cents at the bank and then use your debit card to make the purchase?
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: Yes. Walk inside the bank and ask to clear out your account. You can't get it from an ATM, but you can get it from the bank teller.
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: Beans work very well and are cheap.
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: No you can't. You'd have to go in your bank and try to withdraw it that way. Or you can just use your debit card itself to buy the chips. Might get a weird look debiting 22 cents but oh well.
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: unless you go to your bank and go inside
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