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: I've got approved for a capital one credit card, I lied one year on my application. I hear majority of people get their first card lying at the age of 17. I'm just wondering if this will hurt my credit in the long run? You can always change your birth date on your credit profile. I really responsible, I've already graduated and am living with room mates and going to college. I just want to charge a little and pay it off at the end of the month. I am not worried about credit fraud because the feds wont show up banging at my door. I don't see what it'd hurt if I paid it off on time.
I have a debit card currently with 750 in it, I just want to start building my credit. I was approved lying one year on my age, I just want to know if this will hurt me down the road.

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: you have breathing room, your credit is still untouched just don't mess up monthly payments. make sure you're employed while you have it. the first thing i got was a debit card and i would deposit my payments in there. i would suggest that instead.
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: Used CORRECTLY CC is a Great tool, especially for a young man. It can establish credit.
The trick is use ir carefully for SOME payments that are budgeted, like Rent and Utilities, pay these completely ,on time and your credit score goes up.
The FEDS won't show up, even the CC won't show up, they WILL raise your APR % to over 20% if you delay in paying.
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: find and study - total money make over,
dave ramsey so u can learn from others dumb
mistakes, not your own.

credit becomes a self inflicted form of slavery - easily.

u do not need it. buying by cash is still legal in USA.

doing so will save u 10,000s$ fast.
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: im 16 and I also applied to capital one but I lied by saying im 25(1990) and I was also approved for there credit card. not really of a responds but I just asked the same question too.
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