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: To start off I am an 18 year old college student. I have ran a business since I was 15 under a custodial account of my dads. Technically when it was set up it was set up as my own but all of my dads info and nothing relating back to me. Everything was managed perfectly. I built the limit up from like 5k to 35k everything payed on time. Unfortunately that doesn't relay back to me and that was the issue my banker was telling me. He did suggest having my parents get me a credit card under their main account with my name on it as a user. I don't see how that would help if I don't pay the bill. He said one more thing. Chase will "take another look" at the application if you have over $10,000 in the account. If anyone is knowledgable about their system, can you please tell me if thats a big deciding factor because I could easily write a check from the business account to my personal one for 10 or even 20 thousand just to get them to accept my credit card application. I just don't want to transfer that amount of money just to get denied. I have no credit history at all and on the credit checkers such as credit karma my SSN won't even get verified because I have no credit.

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