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: Long story short, my mom got a credit card in person at Bank of America using her ITIN. The Bank employee suggested this since my mom doesn't have a SSN. Fast forwards a year later and they call my mom telling her she used a FAKE SSN. Mom tells them she was clear that she didn't have a SSN, and that the bank lady asked for my mom's ITIN. They call BS, cancel cards, and make mom keep making payments on the remaining balance (4k). This is where it gets weird. BOA stopped sending the bill and when mom went to pay in person the teller couldn't access the accounts OR her payments were denied because her name didn't appear on the balance.weird. Mom eventually stopped making payments because this problem (stated above) persisted. Today we got a letter from a collection agency demanding the payment. What happens if my mom ignores it? will she go to jail? This was BOA fault, for saying the ITIN # was fine when it wasn't! So what will happen? I mean, my mom doesn't have a SSN so her credit can't be harmed...and I believe the bank lady used a fake SSN so the application would be approved without my moms knowledge. If they come after us then our last resort would be to get a lawyer & tell him/her this weird situation. We want to avoid that... So if we ignore the collection agency will mom my go to jail for 4k? Someone please put my mind at ease!

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