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: I just requested my credit report with the score and it shows my score as 556. I have 2 credit accounts listed:

Capital One which shows as paid off. I was also told when I called that it would be on my credit report for 7-10 years.

Sally Mae- but don't have to start paying that back until Jan 2011. It also is only a couple hundred dollars.

So what is making my report so low??? Is it the capital one?? Also I only have 5 inquiries.

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: The length of your credit history, and no revolving debt, are most likely the 2 factors keeping your score low. Those 5 inquires will also bring the score down a few points for each.

Bankrate has a credit calculator, that is ok.

I would guess here and say you need a credit card and only charge 10% of the limit for over a year to see the biggest boost in your score.
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