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: Hi all, I have a capital one card that is $3000 in debt, another capital one card that is $500 in debt, a paypal that is $1800 in debt, and a best buy card that is $3100 in debt. I completley stopped using my cards a couple months back, but I need some tips to get out of debt faster....Anyone have detailed tips for me please?

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: Pay off the card that has the highest interest rate first, then go down the line.
Do NOT use the cards!
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: Earn more. Spend less.
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: Go to the library and take out The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. It's all about getting out of credit card debt. It's hardcore but it works.
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: "Sharon T" is correct. It may sound flip, but that's the simple truth: stop spending money you don't have and work on increasing your income to pay it off. There are no quick fixes.
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: Making minimum payments is going to keep you in debt for a long time. Paying even a small amount extra each month will accelerate the pay off and get you out of debt faster. Use a credit card debt calculator to come up with a detailed pay off plan either by entering your target pay off date, or how much extra you can afford each month. You will be surprised how fast you can actually get out of debt.
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: Turn lights off at night, your bill will be halved! Cook your food, your bills will be halved!
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: Credit Card Debt Solver - debt busters - debt assistance - debt management plans all on the below link
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