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: I don't care about APR as I will never go into debt, all I care about it cash back, which card has the best %? I mainly purchase gas, food/entertainment, and merchandise. My credit score is 739.

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: The industry standard is 1% cash back which you can get from pretty much any credit card issuer. If you want a credit card that will give you cash back on gas purchases check out the Discover Open Road card. It gives you 5% cash back on your gas and auto maintenance purchases. For cash back on other purchases you can check out the Citi Dividend Platinum Select card. It offers 2% cash back on most purchases. Both of these cards have no annual fee which is a plus.
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: There are still a few great reward credit cards out there. I like the Citi Forward card, and Discover More card. They both offer great benefits if you can pay your card off in time (which sounds like you can)

Check out findcashbackcards (google it). They have a very big list of reward cards online.
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