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: I've just discovered it's very difficult and next to impossible at times to shop online without a credit card,
i have my bank card linked to paypal, but it has just been useless.

I don't need one so i can loan money, it's simpley and purely for
shopping online. I can pay it off quickly because i
already have the money in my bank account, so higher interest
shouldn't be too much of a problem if that's all i can get.
Though i've never had a credit card or a loan before, so im not too sure about things.

I asked about my problems i've ran into with paypal and shopping online, but the general reponse i got was
'uh just get a credit card dude, chill man'
Im not too confident i'll be able to get one,
so it's all abit of a mess really.

Also, what sort of things do they check and require?

Uk answers prefered

No Spam please, i'll report you and hunt you down.
ah problem solved guys,
i got a visa
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: not sure bout the UK, but in AUS we can get a debit card which is able to be used where ever credit cards can. i applied online this morning and have been approved a few hours later.
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: Since you have a bank account, apply for a credit card from your bank.
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: If u r minor,have to wait.
U better apply for a debit card from your bank....that is best n safer.
All the best.
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: All you have to do is apply with the bank you do business with .. If you have good credit you should be able to get a card from your bank with no problem..
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: Bobby if are above 18, have good credit history, permanent UK address, have a bank account you should be able to get a credit card.

Since you don't need to borrow money (meaning you will pay back in full every month) a good option for credit cards will be rewards/ cashback credit cards.

These credit cards usually have a higher interest rates but if you repay in full, it shouldn't matter and provide rewards in form of points/miles with airlines or cashback. Typically with a good rewards card you will earn 1 per 100 you spend. You also want to make sure it has no annual fees.

Couple of recommendations:
If you travel then BMI has a good offer - the BMI Amex card which gives you 1.5miles/ 1 spend and has a 20K mile bonus when you spend over 250 in the first 90 days. This in our opinion has the best reward value. We calculate that if you spend 400/month on this card and repay in full you will earn rewards with a value of 216 in 1 year.

If you are not much of a traveler then the Amex cashback card maybe a good option. They have a tiered cashback scheme - the more you spend higher the percentage of cashback. This ranges from 0.5% to 1.5% and have a 5% promotional rate for the first 3 months. So if you plan on making big online purchases (like a laptop computer, LCD TV , travel etc.) in the next 3 months you could maximize your rewards with this card. Per our calculations, if you spend 400/month on this card and repay in full you will earn rewards with a value of 96 in 1 year. This card below requires Household Income over 30K to qualify.

Some other cards you can research - Virgin Atlantic Card, Barclaycard Goldfish card, MBNA Platinum rewards card etc.

You can google/ yahoo search these or check our website calculators below to get a sense of how much you can earn.

To make sure you earn the reward REPAY in FULL every month otherwise you will pay more interest than the value of rewards.
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