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: I have just taken out a bank loan in the UK for Ј2000 is there anywhere online that uses a piece of software to calculate early settlement?, the banks much use something and I was hoping that there would be a tool online I can use to work out how much interest i'd pay after say having the loan for 4 months and paying it off earlier

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: This is so easy to figure out by hand.
Just tell us the numbers and we'llfigure it out for you
Give us the APR (interest rate) and the term of the loan
Along with what kind of loan it is

Note: If you are trying to improve your credit, it might be a good idea to pay on that loan for one full year. But, don't do this if it is a credit card. Only if it's an installment loan of some kind.

Ask in another question - give details and you'll get the anwer you need
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