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: Long story short. I am "pre-approved" for a home loan of about $270,000 but I am still going through the approval process. I have filed Chapter 7 in 2008 which "should" drop off in April of next year. I have since established 3 credit cards (2 of them are very minimal with $200 credit limits and 1 is a pre-paid) and I have student loans. I am sitting at a 650 median score and would like to know if there is any options for me to increase my credit line. Is there a card with a higher credit limit that will accept me?

Also, I have had 2 medical collection debts all of a sudden pop up last week in which I had no idea about. I am worried because I am going to underwriting in about 2 days. Is this going to hurt my chances? I did not know about this until last week and these were for treatments for 1 year ago and for 4 years ago. I use Identity Guard to monitor my credit and I have not seen these on my credit report yet but I have just received letters in the mail. Is there ANY way to have them NOT report these collections to the credit agencies or any tactics I can use to have these not reported and settle?

Sorry for the inaccurate spelling.. I am tired :0)
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: There are no credit cards that will increase your credit score immediately. Applying for a credit card always lowers your score. If you get the card, it might increase your score, eventually, but not right away. Your score always decreases first.
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: You were pre-approved with a bankruptcy? And bankruptcies stay on your credit for 10 years, not 7, so you have until 2018 unfortunately. That on top 2 current collections, it doesn't look good for your mortgage, but if you do get approved, please share with us which bank it is because that would be great to know. Anyway, to be pre-approved means your credit has already been checked and the loan amount determined. Whether they check it again I can't say. Next step would be to apply it to a particular property and then you'll be set. Good luck.
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: First off Chapter 7 states on all 3 reports for 10 years. If you can put down 20%, your best option to to contact a mortgage broker.
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: skip
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: skip it.

keep renting as with Bankruptcy u will need 3- 5 yrs
b4 u Actually can get a legal loan for a house.
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: 1)If by prepaid credit card you are talking about a secured credit card you can raise it's credit limit by adding an additional deposit. How long have you had the other two credit cards? If you had them for at least 6 months to a year and been paying them on time the credit company will sometimes automatically raise the limit. The other option is to call the credit card company and ask for a credit line increase. They will pull your credit score (which will temporarily ding your credit) and if they approve of your income and credit history will raise your score.

2)If the medical collections are on your credit report then they definitely could negatively impact your chances of getting approved for a loan. If you have cash to settle the medical debt you can work out a deal with them to not report it if you pay. This isn't a guarantee if you didn't pay they have every right to report it to the credit bureau you just might get lucky and have them not report it if you pay the bill.

Do you have 3-6 months of expenses saved for an emergency? If not you probably shouldn't be buying a home right now. Given you have a bankruptcy 6 years ago followed by unpaid medical bills 2 and 5 years later shows that you might not be in the best place financially to pay for a house. Also, since you are not debt free (you still have at the very least student loans) I definitely wouldn't recommend buying a house.
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