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: When I was 18 I was stupid and messed up my credit bad. I am now 23 trying to repair my credit. I talked to someone but she just confused me even more.
I recently paid off all of my debt that was on my credit and my score rose from 540 to 588. I applied for credit cards but of course was denied. Are there any other ways to open accounts to raise my credit? I have student loans but they are deffered until 2014.

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: Before ever considering any kind of credit, make sure you have savings in place.
This fund needs to be 5 months worth of income or 6 months of living expenses.
You never know when an emergency can happen such as loss of a job, medical not covered by insurance, or major car repairs.
Also, any credit card company will ask and verfiy.
Being financially stable goes a long way towards proving to them your credit worthiness

Two options:
With part of your emergency savings oopen a Secured Loan.
Amounts start at $1,500 at some credit unions.
You lock in your money for one year in a savings or a cd, and they give you the cash. You have 1 year to pay back the amount. Very low interest rate.

Secured card. You make a deposit of about $500 and you get a card to use against those funds. If you do this, make sure you replace the funds in full each month. Keep usage very low. Ex: Use it just for gas.
Orchard bank offers a good one. Also compare it to Discover Secured Card.

Again, do not make any moves to get credit until you have your
emergency fund in place.
This is much more important than any 850 Fico score. Always will be.
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: First, stop applying for credit cards for some time - each additional inquiry will reduce your credit score, making it harder to get a card or loan in the future (inquiries stay on your report for 2 years and act as a negative for one year).

One possible path to take is to get a secured credit card for 9 months to a year - personally, I would join a credit union, and then see a credit adviser at the credit union. Explain that you are trying to rebuild your credit, that you realize you made mistakes when you were younger, that you have rectified these mistakes by paying back the creditors, and that you are trying to move forward in a more responsible fashion. Ask about their policies regarding secured credit cards (check this out quietly ahead of time on their web site or making a call to see if they have secured cards) and how long they like to see someone hold a secured card before getting approved for a non-secured card. Be prepared to lock up about $500 in an account for that length or time (the $500 will act as security for a $500 limit). If and when you get the card, use it for small ($50 - $100) purchased that you can pay off every month (building your credit and avoiding interest). After the required time (which you will get in your sit-down with the adviser), go back, sit down with the same person if possible and have them review your account to see if you are a candidate for a non-secured card.

Obviously, when you get the non-secured card, keep using it the same way without missing payments.

Note that this can also be done at a bank. but bank fees tend to be higher.
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: A paid collection is still a collection. Wait a few month, dispute the debt with the bureaus as not being yours and hope the collector doesn't validate since it has already been paid. If they do, you will just have to wait for it to roll off your report after 7 years. The impact becomes less as time passes though.
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