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: A credit card that's more like a gift card that can be used at any online store?

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: You are asking about prepaid cards. These are NOT credit cards. Credit cards are open-ended loans (revolving credit). You have to meet credit and income requirements to qualify ... and be 18 to legally sign contracts.

Prepaid cards are like gift cards. They are available for purchase at various stores. Some are one time cards and some are reloadable. There's a fee to load funds onto the card, along with other fees -- some charge monthly fees, some charge a fee for every transaction.

Not all online sites accept prepaid cards due to problems with fraud.

It would be cheaper to open a bank account (you will need a parent to co-sign) and get a debit card attached to that account. You also would have access to other banking services, like being able to cash/deposit checks and your bank's online banking services.
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: In the US, there is no law preventing a minor from signing a contract. But, the law does not consider a minor to have the "capacity" to sign a contract and so the minor can void the contract because he/she "didn't understand".

So, no credit card issuer is going to allow a minor to apply for credit.

Even "pre-paid" cards may not be valid if sold to a minor because there are contractual agreements, like service fees for use and non-use of the card. Gift cards issued by a store are different as they have to meet different legal requirements.
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: You can probably get a prepaid Visa card, they would be in the gift cards section of whatever store you go to. Most box stores have them.
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: not by yourself
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: By yourself, no.

Your parents can get one for you.
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: yeah
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: UK No you have to be 18 and have a good credit record, Good Luck
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: yes, i have one
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: You have to be legally old enough to sign a contract, so no. Your parents could get you one or put you on theirs, but I think they have ones created for teens and college students that help you build your credit, without putting your parents credit on the line, talk to your parent's bank together.
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