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: I bought something online earlier today and my friend said they send you an email the day you made the purchase but I still haven't gotten an email. So I went to my recent transactions and it says pending on the transaction but it already took the money out but I still haven't gotten an email. Is there something wrong? I just got a debit card and I don't know a lot about these things (I'm 17 and I used a prepaid MasterCard)

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: Some online merchants send an email confirming your order the day of the order. Some send an email when the item ships. When you receive that email really depends on YOUR email service. Sometimes an email sent today doesn't get to the recipient for days or weeks ....

In any event, "pending" means they put a hold on the funds to make sure the charge is covered when the process the actual charge. The hold means those funds are not available to you. They have not actually been deducted from your account yet.

Even tho you used the internet to make the purchase, it still ain't instant. Have a little patience. You will likely get the order confirming email tomorrow ....
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: A pre-paid card is not a debit card. A debit card is the card associated with your checking account at your bank. This pre-paid MasterCard you used may work like a debit card, but it is not one. It's the bank you have an account with who sends the e-mail
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