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: I'm looking at buying a prepaid debit card just to use for one small purchase online. They sell them at Walgreens but I'm not sure how they work? Can you use them for a small purchase and just get rid of them without monthly fees or anything?

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: that is a gift card. Debit cards are bank account, usually at a bank in another state. they got you as a customer by selling debit cards in store. Cards cost between $5 to $10 dollars. There is a monthly maintenance fee of between $5 to $10. The 2 biggest providers are GREENDOT and NETSPEND, both offer Visa and Mastercard. The are real bank account with routing numbers and Account numbers. you can use them for big or little purchases or online, as long as you have the money in your accout. You can use that bank account with PayPal. For more info I've listed Netspends website. I've had a VISA with them for 8 years, no problems
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: Most have fees to buy them. Like $6 for a $100 card or something like that but be careful & read it because there are some bad ones that do have ongoing fees.

You have to register the card online. Usually just your zip code but sometimes your name & address.

Cheapest Ive seen is the variable amount cards from walmart where you can buy up to a $500 card for less than $5 fee. (In stores)
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