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: If I lie about my income to secure a higher credit limit on my credit card is it a criminal offence? If not, am I likely to be asked by my credit card company to provide proof of my income? I have had the card for about 6 years and actually asked to LOWER the limit a few years ago but now they wont put it back up as i dont earn enough money, but i am earning the same as I have been since i got the card. i am in the uk.

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: Credit scoring changes all the time, it's not what you earn anymore that counts but your credit score.

Use , it's a free credit report for life ,not free for a month like the others.

If you pay your card of in full every month then after 6 months you may be given an increase, but be careful coz if your monthly limit is 500 a month and you nearly max it out every month then it is frowned upon by other lenders. Only use 2/3 of your limit. It will show you can manage your account better.
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: You can't just lie like you used to in the old days. These days, they can simply check up with your employer's human resources and see that you are full of crap.

Since the recession everything has changed. If you lie you risk of losing what you already have.

And why do you need credit card anyway? Live within your means, stop spending money on impressing people you don't even like.
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: I doubt that it is a criminal offense but your liability for any debt incurred is real. Typically, credit card companies will attempt to raise your limit without you asking provided that you pay promptly and carry low balances. Any attempt to raise the limit without having a good credit history will probably be denied.
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