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: The first time it was around 100$ worth of charges. They refunded me back and they said they'd investigate but I still have yet to find out who took my information and card number. This time, it has happened again. I keep my card very safe in my wallet on me at all times. The charges were at the same giftcard mall as it was last time; however the charges this time were $304.95.

1. Will Bank of America refund me yet again (I just got my new replacement card 2 weeks ago!)
2. Will they investigate and find out who it is since this time it's significantly more money?
No, they issued me a new card and everything. But even after I got this new card, the info was stolen again! (I do suspect someone close to me..)
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: Did BofA cancel the old card and issue you a new one?

What most likely happened is that when you used your card at a compromised terminal (could have been a gas pump, at the grocery store, etc. etc.) the thieves captured the info off your card and transferred it onto a blank card that is now used to rack up charges at places like this giftcard mall.

Time to close the bank account and open a new account and get completely new cards with new PIN etc.

Yes, BofA is still on the hook to cover this. The charges were made using the info of the old card that they didn't cancel in time.

That is very poor customer service... switch banks.
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: If its someone close to you, then maybe you need to not have a debt card, use soley an ATM card that way they must use a pin number. I know the ATM card isnt as useful as a debt but it is more secure. If you must have a debt get both an ATM & Debt and put the debt in a secure place or if you dont need the debt for swiping then write the card info and place it somewhere and cut the card up.

**Dont know who implied that Marcus in regards to your comment if you referring that the bank taking care of her debt card fraud is misinformation.
If so I must correct you, most banks will protect the customer even if its fraud with a debt carin factct think they are more apt to do so rather than with an ATM card. I have a bank and credit union debt cards both have reimbursed me when I have had fraudulent activity from those cards.
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: Sooner rather than later BOA is going to close your account period as they will suspect something is wrong with you rather than their services.

If you suspect someone then it is your duty to go to the police dept and file a report as BOA may make you before the reimbursement this time.

USUALLY with the debit it is your tough luck so whoever replied that is bad customer service does not know what they are talking about. A debit card is not afforded the same protection as a credit card.
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