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: I want to start off by saying im on a touch screen phone so excuse any typos and bare with me lol. ok so i just got my capital one secured card in the mail like two weeks ago. my husbands creditkarma score is the exact same as mine. although the score isnt accurate, if you apply for a credit card through creditkarma they do use the creditkarma score. Anyways, like i said his score is the same as mine (629). He just applied for an unsecured capital one card and got approved for a $300 limit. I only applied for unsecured at the time because i didnt want to risk getting denied, but id much rather have unsecured because obviously the intrest and annual fee and crap isnt as high. so, with that being said, should i apply for the unsecured and keep both cards or wait like 6 months and ask for an upgrad to unsecured? which would be better for my credit? i know applying for too many cards hurts your score but this would only be 2 in 2 years.

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