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: I recently got a secured credit card and was wondering if this is a good management plan to help raise my credit score (credit score of 589 right now with card being at 22% APR):

Billing cycle closes April 21st. My bill will be due May 19th. I haven't made any purchases yet. I was going to fill my gas tank $40 once per month. My limit is $400.

When should I pay my bill? I've heard that I need to wait to pay until after the bill is reported to the credit score companies. Is this true? Because they say if I pay it early that my debt to credit ratio will show as zero which is saying that I don't need a credit card. If it is true I will call to find out the day it will be reported and then pay it after that date but before it's due.

Also is it wise to fill my gas tank say on the April 20th? Will I still incure interest charges?

Is this a good management plan?
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