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: I would like to buy one of those reloadable/prepaid credit cards as a gift for a young adult so that he can do some travelling through Europe this summer without too much hassle.
He will be applying for a regular card next year, but in the interim he needs to make sure that he can secure a hotel, airfare, and perhaps buy some meals, etc.
Obviously he needs a card with a visa/MC logo that can have his name embossed on it, as well as expiry date, so that it is more legitimate.
I was looking at the BMO Mastercard, as well as the CanadaPost Visa, as they seem like the best options; has anyone has experience with these in terms of having them accepted at international hotels, car rental places - etc - without any problems?
Basically it needs to behave - and be accepted - just like a regular credit card (aside from the fact that the funds are predetermined and manually loaded on)
I've read some frustrating stories of various prepaid credit cards being refused at hotels and for car rentals (despite there being more than for a hold to cover incidentals), so I'd definitely like to avoid that.

Thanks very much for any information!
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