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: I am 20 years old, turning 21 this year and I need to start building credit. I applied for a credit card but was denied because I had limited credit experience. My question is how to start building credit without a credit card?

Also, a couple tips on how to maintain good credit once I get it started would be nice too. For now the first part will do.


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: You start by not applying. Applying tears down credit. It takes one year of not applying to build your credit back up to where it was before you applied.

After you do not apply for more than a year, you apply only one time for only one Capital One card or only one secured card. Even with limited credit experience, you might be approved for one of these types of cards, if you wait over a year before you apply. However, if you apply now, then you are less likely to be approved, because of your record of having already applied recently for another card.

To maintain good credit once you get it started, you need to stop applying. You cannot maintain good credit if you keep applying.
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: Easy. Open an account at credit union and tell them you want a secured loan to establish your credit.

Then borrow say $1000 for 12 months. The catch is you don't get the $1000, you have to leave it on deposit.

Then, make monthly payments of roughly $86 every month and never be late. In a year, you get the $1000 and you have established some credit.

You can do it with a larger amount too but the key is never be late and don't bite off more than you can chew.
And don't think that a year after doing this that you can easily get a $30,000 car loan with no job. Its not happening.

It takes time to build good credit. The secured loan I described above is a good way to start.

If & when you want a car loan, you'll need a full time job with good income and several years on the job too.
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: More than limited credit experience, is probably your age and work experience [have you been employed in one job for 2 or more years?] and the wages you are earning. Tip #1 is whatever amount you would charge, make the monthly payments on time; that speaks volumes to building a credit history.
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: I believe you have to be 21 without a co-signer.

Also, you don't mention if you have a job that has enough income to qualify.

Tips are simple. Use it wisely. Pay it on time. Every time.
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