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: how can i get a home loan with poor credit but i have a 90000 dollar a year job

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: You need to be working for longer than a month to buy a house.
2 years employment required. On top of down payment.

Step 1: Pay off those items in collections
And pay credit cards in full each month.
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: If you have a big down payment you might be able to find a lender. Each state varies with lending requirements. Google home loans bad credit and your state and see if anything comes up. Things have gotten a lot stricter. It depends how bad your credit is. I have heard of lenders giving loans if you credit is in the high 500's if you have good verifiable income and down payment,

You can also try looking for a house where the owner will carry the mortgage. This means they act like the bank. You pay the money to them each month. You will need a down payment. This is easier than qualifying for mortgage. You can look on Craigslist in real estate for sale and type in seller financing or owner carry and it will narrow the results to only those.
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