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: This Month I put $2600 on my credit card, and I had a $3,000 limit. I decided to do this because my payment would be due in August.

If I carry a credit card balance, yet make significant payments on it, will I be able to increase my credit limit?

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: Credit limit is usually based on your income.
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: yes, you will be able to increase you credit limit and try to pay off your cards and keep them at only 10% of your available balance, that will help you to boost your credit score.
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: Call your credit card company and ask. It does no harm to ask. Their answer will depend on factors like your credit history, your credit score, your income, your payment record with them, etc.
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: Make sure you have had the card 7 months before asking for a credit limit increase.
When you can, be honest, tell them the reason you want the increase.
For those top scores, pay your credit card in full each month.
No games of carrying balances that can easily destroy credit.
Use the card only for things you need like food or gas.
By paying in full, you avoid interest and develop amazing credit.
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