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: I have a few bills that I owe on my credit. Cell phone, cable, and a $6 bad check for not having enough money in my account. All of these things amount to about $1500. I just recently got a small loan through my bank of $500. That has been paid back on time. This was reported on my credit all three! I was wondering if I were to take out another loan of the same amout. Will this overpower the bills that I owe and improve my credit. After this what can I do to have someone trust me enough to get a loan to buy a house or a car or credit car?? Help need info..

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: not take out any other hits your score showing that you

are way in over your head in debt, and then you have a bad check out there too?

man o off the 1500/get rid of that..stop using the credit cards..get yourself

back on a cash basis till you can get your house back in looks bad regardless

if you paid the loan back on time or not cuz you shouldnt have needed it in the first place..

and then it was probably some finance company vs a bank..which would bring your rating

down even more. Its going to take some time to build you back up but if you get started on

it now, the better. I think you're in over your head from the sounds of it.
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: Nope, this will not improve your credit.
You already made a $500 loan.
Even after paying this off, it will report positively on your reports for up to 10 years.
The benefit has been achieved.
A new loan will reduce your credit for the first 4 months.
(just the way the fico works)

Just pay off those credit cards and you'll be ok.
Don't close the accounts after you pay them off in full.
The secret to top credit: Pay credit cards in full each month
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