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: I will be paying off my bill in FULL each month, so I will not be charged any interest.

I have been eyeing up some airmiles credit cards - like the BMI mastercard and the Virgin Atlantic credit card, but are they as good as they sound?

I know you get flights for free but have to pay taxes, but i have heard of people getting several flights in the US for around a hundred quid and 20,000 airmiles. As soon as you spend on the BMI card, you get 20,000 miles as a "bonus"..

So could someone tell me the pros and cons of these types of credit cards?

Also, is there a time limit with which you can use your airmiles?

And 1 = 1 airmile. Is this literal "miles"? So if a country is 1000 miles away from London, and you spend 2000, could you then get a free return flight??

Can someone advise? Thanks

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: The biggest catch tends to be the huge annual fee. There are usually fees for using your miles and you can only start retrieving your miles after you've earned XX,000 miles. Check the fine print in the rewards program you're enrolled in.

There are also "blackout dates" (usually around the holidays and peak travel season) where you cannot use your miles and miles on some cards expire after a certain period of time. You also must purchase the ticket in advance. Again, check the fine print of the cards and compare these to help make your decision.
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: Yes they are. I thought it was all hype, but a former colleague did just what you are suggesting and paid everything on their virgin credit card - mortgage, bills, shopping etc and cleared it every month and in just over 12 months had enough air miles for 2 return flights from London to Las Vegas...!
I didn't think these deals existed anymore and I don't know the full in's and outs, but I'm curious to know if anyone else has more detail.
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: They don't all have annual fees. The one I had was a no fee and you just got miles for every dollar spent. I switched to a cash back card though as I just prefer to get money back.
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: i've heard capital one is a good card w/ airmiles. you just have to read the small print.
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: Airmiles is a great program!!! My sisters family uses their airmiles every second year to go on vacations!!! We have only used ours to buy gifts like movie passes and such, because our kids are still little. Yes there is a service fee, but it's worth it. Plus you're on the right track paying it off every month, or else it wouldn't be worth it if you were paying interest.
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