Credit Cards Key » CreditCard Types » Virgin Credit Cards » how can i get free activation and free cell phone on line, with bad credit? and not having a credit card?

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: i have bad credit, i just moved and am trying to get on my feet. but every1 wants to much money down for a cell phone. how can i avoid that? because i dont have 1000 dollars or a credit card

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: I suggest getting a prepaid cellphone. No such thing as a free anything in this world. Get a Virgin Mobile phone. no activation fee and no monthly fees, it's pay as you go minutes
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: Pre Paid cell phones are good.Try them.
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: Entrepreneur is right. Virgin Mobile has a phone-the Oyster (you can get it at Target for 28.00 this week. Plus they have top-up cards-$40.00 worth of call for $30.00 on sale this week. You can go on line and activate the phone. No credit cards or anything. You just have to add $20.00 every 90 days to your account. When you make calls it is 18 cents a minute--deducted from the top-up card you bought. I just did this for my son and spent less than $60.00.
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: If you have a bad credit and have limited funds, the first question I'd ask you is, do you really NEED a cell phone? Pre-paid phone will cost you to buy one and you have to fill the minutes. Being under any contract will obligate you to keep paying - the money you don't really have.

If you want to get ahead, evaluate your wants and separate it from needs. There aren't that many things one really NEED but there are alot of things one might WANT.

Of course, I am only speaking in very generic sense. Your particular situation may be unique. (but I wouldn't know that).

There is no such thing... They (cell phone company) is out there to make money, and your current situation does not give them an incentive to give you a service.

One thing I might suggest you try is, see if you can get a free (older) phone from friends. Many people has phones they traded up and no longer use. They are still usable. See if a cell phone provider would want to give you a very minimal service for low monthly payment. (they will still charge you activation fee). The key here is not to get bound into long term contract.

Pay as you go phones are quite expensive on per-minute basis.

Good luck.
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: If you just want a cell phone for emergencies, there are some prepaids that would work well. Check out tracfone's site and alltel. Prepaid can get expensive if you're a heavy user, though.
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