Credit Cards Key » CreditCard Types » Virgin Credit Cards » prepaid credit cards uk? how does it work? where do you get one? can you get it to be a "visa card"?

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: ive heard they exist but know nothing about them,can anyone explain if it is possible for me to get a prepaid visa card? are the fees extortionate?

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: in the UK, they're widely considered a stupid way to spend your money.

Why in god's name do you want to pay to spend your money?

If you need a card for online transactions (because, let's be honest, nobody refuses cash) then just open a bank account; you can get a free bank account in the UK no problem, you get a cheque book free (usually) and if you're under 18, you still get... a debit card.

And you just pay money into the account and use the card, no fees.

If you want a Visa card, open a bank account at either Abbey, Lloyds or Nationwide as they all use Visa.

Personally, I'd recommend Nationwide as there are no fees for using the card abroad.
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: A prepaid credit card requires that you put the money into the account before you can use it. A debit card is better. The credit companies are trying to expand their cash flow.
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: The dirt road down to deptville is rocky and steep and if you don't make repayments the interest makes you weep,ha ha,if you can avoid it R i would,i'm paying through the nose in interest payments cause i lost my job and missed a few,my bank was good enough to give me an overdraft to appease the company but i'm still in it up to my neck,if you can avoid dept avoid it,sometimes ot's not worth the hassle,like my wee ditty,made up just for this question,ha ha.
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: The best Visa card I found for shopping online is the card. It is free to apply for, you top it up at any PayZone. Up to 20 is free, 30 to 100 is 2 and you pay a bit more to load over a 100. It works very well. Check out their website.

If you want an embossed Visa card that can be used in shops, ATMs, get cash back etc, I would try Lloyd's TSB. Their basic bank account comes with a Visa debit card that you can use worldwide where you see the Visa sign. Even if you have an adverse credit history, this card should be available to you.

There are other providers, but some will charge up to 30 just for the card and again when you use it. The most common being if you take money out of a ATM, they charge you anything up to 2.50. Be wary of these because they are ripping you off.

The Post Office does a prepaid Visa card that they promote as a holiday money card. The charges are quite reasonable and you can top it up free at any Post Office. Some banks do them and even Tesco is offering them.

Just type in ' prepaid visa cards uk' and you will able to see what is available and how much they cost to buy. Avoid the Virgin one.
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: Read the web link below
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