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: I'd like to transfer my balace from my high-interest credit cards to a zero interest one so I can get some breathing room while I pay back my debts. Is it worth it to get 0% credit cards? Which are the best ones?

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: of course it is good if you did it every time the offer ran out and switched to a new one look at the interest u are saving.
go to any one stay for the 6 months offer they normally have and then switch to a new one.

*** small print o% is for your balance transfer not future spends on the new card.
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: Offers for 0% credit cards in the UK change frequently, so it's tough to give a permanent answer (check out the site listed below for current cards). For your current situation, though, the 4 of the best ones right now are MBNA Platinum Plus, Virgin Credit Card, Barclaycard Platinum and the Morgan Stanley. Other good 0% credit cards are the similar Barclaycard Charity Card and the MBNA Platinum Rewards.

Note that the Nectar Credit Card and American Express RED have low introductory rates (although not 0%).

All of these credit cards offer low rates only for a specific period of time (usually 6 months to a year), and after that, the rates go back up till normal. Still, if you are looking for a short term solution, 0% credit cards can be a great tool.

Good luck with your finances!
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: lloydstsb 0% 9 months i will sell u one, hahaha... try to compare the products out on the market
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: There may be something of use here.
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