Credit Cards Key » CreditCard Types » Virgin Credit Cards » excluding a mortgage, who has the most debt? I dont have any, my mother wont allow me to have credit cards.?

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: I am a 40 year old virgin you know.
answers preferably in english pounds sterling.
just a skeleton? well it would explain a few things, she hasn't moved much recently, or spoke much. now i think about it.
hold on, going to prod her now.

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: A guy on the radio had 400k on 57 credit cards
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: We are debt free- apart from that huge mortgage!!
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: god i wish i didnt av credit - but then ive had a good time ha ha !!!
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: Crispy - do something for me, will you?

Go to Mother and give her a prod. She is still alive, isn't she? Not just a skeleton with a wig on?

Just thought I'd check.
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: To frightened to add it up
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: Not too terribly high, but I bet I have the highest average interest rate ~15%
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: your 40 and your mum is still ruling your life!!!! virgin or not, get out while you still can girl
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: USA $79 000 000 000 000 and growing. It's so big as from June they are not going to publish the amount it is too scary. And soon the world will wake up.
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: Only the normal utility bills these days, no mortgage, lucky enough to pay that off last year and if feels so good, so Crispy is your mom worried if you get a credit card your gonna get f***** by the interest rate and not be the 40 year old virgin anymore, don't blame her you'll only end up regretting giving yourself so easily to those rate thief's.
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