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: Hi i know some banks have virtual credit card. i have hdfc VCC but the problem is they used only once. i used it today to buy goods where only paypal accepted. so i bought as paypal guest. transaction was failed by stupid paypal system. after that i cant use my card again, its 1 time use was over. now i have to wait 35days to get the unused money from the card.

Is there any website which provide VCC to use more than 1 times? or is there a site to get prepaid credit card which i can load up money online and use the cards for international websites?

I have hdfc and sbi debit cards. both not working for non indian websites. is there any way to make them work on non indian websites?
thx in advance
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: Damn
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: Nope... PayPal does not take prepaid cards of any kind... so don't try to link them up again.. it won't work and any other prepaid will only work in the country of it's origin. That means you are restricted to India with your purchases.

You will need to get a real credit card.
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