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: Sold a virtual item to a buyer, it was for a game. I delivered, video'd me giving them it etc, I even sent a letter that they had to sign for via Royal Mail track which confirmed delivery. Didn't hear a thing, now they've said where is my item, threatened to take me to the police, opened an unauthorized payment dispute and my money is on hold for everything. Paypal have been reviewing it for over 2 weeks, I have proof that they have signed for it, video's etc but because they're saying they didn't order the item, apparently it's my fault. Is there anything more I can do? The case looks like it's in their favor even though I have so much proof, won't be using paypal again, also wondering how long they review it for? Many thanks if anyone can help

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: Hi, I think you'll find if you check PayPal rules that they don't accept the sales of "virtual" items so the sale is invalid. I'm guessing the kid has used dads credit card without permission and is denying it was him or her, hence dad reporting an unauthorized transaction. Either that or the buyer knows about this paypal rule and knew they could get a sale cancellation because it's an unauthorized sale item and so has "scammed you". I wouldn't recommend accepting payment for virtual items with PayPal because of their rule.
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: IF you sent the letter to the paypal-specified address you will probably win.
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